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February 23, 2022 5 Min Read

Ruby Diamante Helps Users Heal Through Reiki

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Ruby Diamante Helps Users Heal Through Reiki

Ruby Diamante wants you to understand that Reiki is kind of a Japanese relaxation and stress reduction technique, but it’s more than that, too. Reiki can help you tap into your Divine Energy, which can give you power over your own healing. 

Ruby, a Reiki specialist, explains how she uses it to help her consumers connect to their energy in a recent episode of the podcast TaskHuman Talks with Coach Jamie Carroll.

She had heard of Reiki before, but hadn’t experienced it. Almost immediately after experiencing her first Reiki session, Ruby wanted to learn to be a Reiki master. Now aware of its power, she wanted to help heal people with it. 

“That’s when I realized, you don’t look for Reiki. Reiki finds you when you need it,” she says.

Reiki works by channeling energy from the Reiki practitioner to the consumer, according to Ruby. The practitioner places their hands on the user where the user feels they need healing. While it is traditionally an in-person, hands-on treatment, it can also be done virtually. One of the tenants of Reiki is called Similarity. This means we’re all connected because of—and through our energy. Reiki practitioners use that connection to work with consumers across distances. The energy flow from practitioner to user is strong enough to travel through time and space to jumpstart the healing process. The difference in practicing Reiki virtually, is the consumer places their own hands on the area of themselves they feel needs healing.

In Reiki, the healing areas of the body are the chakras, which are body areas associated with different feelings and energies. There are seven major chakras, or energy healing points, in the body which align from the head down to the feet. The chakras each have their own names, which are as follows:

  • Root: at the base of your spine.
  • Sacral: below the navel.
  • Solar plexus: in the stomach area.
  • Heart: in the center of the chest.
  • Throat: at the base of your throat.
  • 3rd eye: in the center of your head, between your eyebrows.
  • Crown: at the top of the head.

Many Reiki sessions start with a chakra at the end of the body, like the root or crown chakra, and move toward the heart chakra because, ultimately, the healing should always include your heart: the hub of your emotions. 

Not all sessions need to use chakras though. You can also use Reiki other places to heal, or even on inanimate objects to cleanse their energy. For example, if you have a sports injury, you could use the practice on the injured muscle.

But how does Reiki help, exactly?

Well, it’s about balance. Reiki sessions could help you balance your systems:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Spiritually

“Reiki is not just the hands-on healing,” Ruby says. “It is more spiritual. And then it becomes a way of life.”

To get the most out of your sessions, Ruby suggests booking at least an hour-long session. For maintenance, once a week may be enough, but if you’re suffering acutely, daily sessions could be more helpful.

Working with a coach who is well-versed in Reiki is important too. There are four main levels of Reiki Mastery. They are:

  • Level 1: focus on self (becoming a self-healer)
  • Level 2: start healing others (also learning how to send energy over distance)
  • Level 3: begin the spiritual elements of the practice
  • Level 4: attunement within the levels.

“It looks simple, but it is actually not easy,” Ruby, a Level 4 coach, says about practicing Reiki. It is the need to maintain the energy level throughout the entire session.

Want to take a deeper dive? Listen to the entire episode here


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