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March 12, 2022

Sales Leaders Shape Scaling Success

Sales Leaders Shape Scaling Success

Leaders of new companies that provide innovative and disruptive services know there’s a critical window to scale before another larger company threatens to swallow them.

There’s a finite time to capture the market share. And revenue generators play one of the most critical parts of a newer company being able to enter the marketplace and capture market share in time to establish a dominant space.

But in a mad dash to the goal, companies neglect sales leaders in the organization which can cost them exponential progress. It’s assumed that a sales leader understands the deliverables and has shown a proven track record in their work with other companies or perhaps as a sales associate. But sales leaders should never be asked to stand on their past as a strategy for moving forward, especially in a critical phase of a company’s push for growth. The Rain Group’s Extreme Productivity Benchmark Report uncovered the ‘evolution of habits’ as the third most valuable skill for sales leaders in today’s marketplace.

The TaskHuman platform helps to equip sales leaders with the tools and skills they need to power high-performing sales teams under your corporate banner. Our experienced sales leadership coaches help your sales leaders recognize where they have gaps, and where they will need to change and improve as the company scales.

Sharpen Sales Management Strategy

Sales leaders at new, rapidly growing, companies tend to struggle a lot with planning. There’s no standardized structure to how the sales teams are reaching for goals. Often the different sales divisions operate in silos within silos. Sales managers do what has always worked for them, while their sales associates do the same. TaskHuman sales leadership coaches show sales department heads how to unify the sales strategy and execute with a structure that can flex when growth calls for it.

Our sales leadership coaches can show sales leaders how to track the right things at each stage of the sales cycle and the calendar year. Sales leaders will know the behaviors that add up to successful revenue generation. They’ll know how to track the number of calls, meetings, and rejections it takes to close one deal. They’ll know the reasons deals don’t close. Using data strategically, they can direct sales teams to focus on specific parts of the sales process and help them in problem areas.

Holding Producers Accountable
Sales management coaches can also teach sales leaders proven techniques to hold people accountable for their behaviors. They can help sales managers improve the pipeline, review meetings they have with associates, and separate them from sales strategy meetings.

All of these skill sets, and more, contribute to winning sales teams that exceed quotas with associates also thriving emotionally. Your sales leaders don’t have to discover higher-level processes on their own. Get them working with a TaskHuman sales leadership coach now.

Be Better Coaches

Feedback and Self-reflection
It’s a sales leader’s job to be strong and send a clear message about what’s expected. But it’s also the sales leader’s job to encourage and support the sales associates that report to them. A sales department can improve win rates by as much as 29% with effective sales coaching. TaskHuman’s sales leadership coaches show managers of scaling sales teams how to fit in ways to connect with the growing number of associates on their sales teams and how to learn honest information about where they need help. Their own sales leadership coaching sessions can serve as a powerful example of how to communicate with team members in 1:1 settings.

Even in the midst of fast-paced growth, sales leaders can inspire their associates to turn the lens inward and seek out continual self-improvement. Great sales leaders refrain from telling associates exactly what to do. Coaches can inspire sales leaders to practice listening and asking the right questions that elicit self-reflection and self-discovery in their direct reports.

Sales leaders in fast-growing companies have the difficult task of understanding what motivates each member of the sales team. Most sales associates are cut from the same cloth in the way that something internal drives them to succeed, but that internal thing might be very different from person to person. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic might have changed priorities for your sales associates, and what motivated them before might not work anymore.

Here’s a secret, just openly showing that you care motivates salespeople. Sales leaders don’t have to be a jack of all trades to provide associates pathways to their fulfillment. TaskHuman can be an answer for quickly and effectively opening up support lines for their teams. Associates can make use of the TaskHuman platform to explore interests, hobbies, and career development according to their unique passions and needs.

Pass it on.

Identify emerging leaders.
Sometimes a sales manager is so focused on associates meeting quota, that they fail to find and prepare new leaders for the scaling business development wing of the company. TaskHuman sales leadership coaches can help sales managers continue to prioritize leadership development within their sales teams so they can keep up with the pace of expansion. Their sales leadership coach can help them look for the right qualities that signify leadership potential. Leadership qualities go beyond consistently exceeding quota, although that’s important.

Support emerging leaders.
Whenever a sales manager pin-points a candidate for advancement they can use TaskHuman’s coaching platform to immediately provide the candidate leadership and management coaching they need. In a 1:1 setting and group sessions, emerging sales leaders prepare to head their own teams and they’ll be much more effective when they get their shot.

Scale your sales managers with TashHuman.

Equip your sales managers with the coaching capability and leadership skills they need to both ensure they help their team to meet and exceed sales targets and effectively scale. High-growth sales leadership coaches on the TaskHuman platform have managed successful teams while the company moved at breakneck speed. The tips and tools they impart in a 1:1 setting can mean the difference between driving a high-performance sales team and driving a sales team off a cliff.

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