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August 4, 2023

Eight Compelling Reasons To Offer Immersive Coaching

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A few common issues arise when organizations rely on their internal staff or their professional networks to supply professional coaching to employees.

  • They run out of qualified and available coaches. 
  • Leaders end up having to prioritize certain employees over others, that leads to creating a tiered system that potentially hurt morale. 
  • Employees that make the cut to engage in professional coaching are limited in terms of the view and scope of experience they can access. 

With broader coach-sourcing practices, organizations can: 

  • put professional coaching immediately in each employee’s growth path  
  • avoid the limited coaching pitfalls like not enough topics and available coaches  
  • see increased rewards like high employees morale, engagement, and ROI on coaching investment 

Here’s how immersive coaching can improve teams and how it can become a reality at any size company. 

Immersive Coaching A Win/Win

When organizations look to experienced coaching platforms to supply their people with career coaching, they can achieve organization-wide gains that expound their employees’ growth and results. Companies are able to raise the bar of personal & professional development and build committed teams simultaneously. 

#1. Broader, Deeper Solutions

Employees get a well-rounded view of their industry and their role, one that includes viewpoints of leaders and networks connected to them as well as the insights that a traveled, multifaceted coach can provide. Contracted coaches have often worked with more people and corporations than internal staff, which deepens their ability to problem-solve and spot advantageous strengths. This can increase a person’s options when creative problem-solving and broadens their scope of professional perspective. 

#2. More Growth Among Diverse Professionals

Diverse team members can seize an opportunity to get guidance from other ministries who can speak to specific challenges facing these marginalized groups. McKinsey’s latest research finds that for every 100 men promoted to manager, only 87 women, and 82 women of color, are promoted. Black people account for only 3.2% of leadership roles at large companies in the U.S. even though they make up about 12% of the U.S. population. Women and minority presence decrease sharply at more senior levels, so finding a diverse coach becomes more likely when companies enlist the help of outside providers. And, doing so may just be the key to increasing diversity in senior ranks.

#3. Compounded Organizational Returns

When every employee takes part in professional growth it strengthens the team as a whole. Camaraderie increases, loyalty increases, and synergy between individuals extends to each member, supercharging the power of growth across the organization. Essentially, every person increases pace and productivity. No person is slowing down the process. Organizations can achieve tremendous levels of forward movement that put them in a competitive position at a time when it matters more. 

#4. More Employee Buy-In

Companies can make immersive growth and development a reality with the use of extended platforms, like TaskHuman, which put highly experienced coaches in touch with individuals to address their unique and specific needs. Individuals have some agency in their development, as they can select coaches and change coaches when their needs change. For example, a coach with a high driver personality may not click as well with more team-oriented employees, but a coach, with a similar effect might connect in a closer and I trust relationship. When communication styles become a part of the selection process, individuals can grow with someone who they can identify with. This can be extremely motivating, as the employee can more easily envision themselves, achieving the skill set the coach possesses. 

#5. More Accessible Coaching Hours

Coaching becomes accessible to more individuals at times that are convenient to them. Logistical constraints are lifted. Personal barriers to employee participation fall. Employees understand that their organization cares about making development accessible for every employee no matter their personal circumstances. 

#6. Efficient Use Of Time And Money

Managers don’t have to spend their own limited time vetting qualified coaches. Task humans platform does the work of securing, highly effective and reliable coaches with proven track records. That is music to the C suite’s ears given that budgets are increasingly tight in today’s uncertain economy. Leaders and managers want to rest well knowing they’ve put resources in the right place. 

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#7. Maintain A Healthy Culture For Any Organizational Structure 

When leaders make coaching and other ways to improve available to each employee at each rank and pay grade, it communicates to the employee that they’re worth investing in. Employees respond to leaders believing in them more than almost any other incentive. Coaching can upskill just about every worker on the pay role, while at the same time lifting their expectations and confidence in themselves. They hear from leaders, “Here’s how much I believe you belong at this company, and you should believe it too.” 

The approach has a trickle-down effect that happens when workers pass down to new hires the same acceptance and encouragement they were shown, and it becomes a company core value that is really lived and experienced by the people of the organization. Organizations that reach this level of organizational comradery can be incredibly productive and lucrative in the marketplace. 

On the contrary, if some kind of disparity exists, deliberate or not, between those employees who are encouraged to participate and employees whose managers don’t engage them in training and development efforts, it can breed animosity between and among employees as well as damage managers and leaders relationships with their people.  

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#8. Talent Development At Scale 

Coaching and career development can be one of the most impactful growth factors for an organization if its leaders choose a “full court press” approach that brings everyone along in their organization. Instead of waiting until an employee makes it to a certain point in their career to “qualify” for career development opportunities, coaching, mentoring, and the like can happen to every employee right from the start to bring them more rapidly forward toward increased capabilities and performance. The biggest barrier to all-inclusive training and coaching has always been the following: 

  • accessibility to a deep and wide net of qualified coaches
  • The amount of skills and topics that coaching would cover 
  • the cost to hire large numbers of coaching professionals at once

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TaskHuman’s  platform makes Immersive coaching readily accessible to organizations through its robust network of expert coaches. Organizations can supply their people (all of them) with the career coaching they need and desire, at a competitive and justifiable cost. 
Given the long list of benefits, why would leaders wait to make Immersive coaching a reality for their people? Learn more.


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