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February 7, 2023

Use Case For A Mentorship Program: Collaboration

People using mentorship programs to collaborate cross-functionally


A recruiting company realizes that they don’t have an easy way to connect colleagues/mentors to each other in a collaborative way. Part of an employees’ onboarding involves meeting with heads of different departments, but that is about as much insight as they get even though some people may be yearning for more. The company realizes that this disconnect is proving to be hurtful as more collaboration is needed within different departments of the organization. There are a select few that have gone out of their way to become involved in mentorship, but both mentors and mentees often report that maintaining these relationships can be difficult, given the challenges around aligning schedules as well as finding the right match. This becomes even more challenging since the company doesn’t have an existing mentorship program in place and employees are instead finding ad-hoc solutions as they go.

Graph showing that expanding professional networks and collaboration increases leaders' likelihood of reaching and succeeding at the next level by an average of 14%


TaskHuman promotes lateral movement and collaboration within the organization while retaining and securing your top talent. Mentorship through the TaskHuman platform connects people with as many mentors as they want with the tap of a finger. As they simply browse suggested mentors’ skills and focus areas, employees can choose the person best suited for their needs and enable any-time access through the platform for guidance when they need it most. Mentoring through the platform connects senior leaders to more junior employees and helps leaders learn about what is going on in other parts of the organization.


As a result, employees within the company are able to effectively expand their internal network. An environment of interactive learning and collaboration has been created across teams, which didn’t exist before. These teams in turn feel more empowered and motivated, increasing productivity. At the individual level, having a scalable mentorship program has also helped drive employee potential.

Mentorship program through the Taskhuman helps companies encourage better cross-functional collaboration

Reimagine Your Internal Mentorship Program

TaskHuman believes in the concept of coaching. As a real-time coaching platform we believe employees need to find the right support at the right time. Mentorship should be delivered in the same way – easy on both parties, and seamless! Do you think your company can benefit from a mentorship program? Learn how TaskHuman can become a constant companion for your team, amplifying them to develop their skills while fostering internal connectivity. 

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