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March 21, 2024

How TaskHuman Connects PEOs With Their Clients

How TaskHuman Connects PEOs With Their Clients

In our ongoing exploration of revolutionizing HR management and fostering employee well-being, we’ve previously delved into How TaskHuman Compliments Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and How TaskHuman Coaching Supports PEOs On Workplace Demands. Building upon the insights gained from our previous discussions, we now delve into how TaskHuman’s unique approach complements PEO offerings and serves as a dynamic bridge connecting PEOs with their clients. Through innovative communication tools, data analytics, and tailored integration, TaskHuman facilitates a deeper connection between employers and employees, fostering a culture of support, growth, and collaboration within organizations. Let’s explore how TaskHuman’s platform serves as a catalyst for enhancing HR efficiency and empowering individuals to thrive in the workplace.

Communication Tools

TaskHuman serves as a valuable tool to enhance communication between employees and HR teams, streamlining processes and fostering a more connected workplace environment. Whether through leveraging Curated Programs, direct access to internal resources via the platform, or adding HR professionals as coaches, leveraging TaskHuman’s capabilities promotes transparency and accessibility, ultimately contributing to a more supportive and collaborative workplace culture.


Here are two examples of how TaskHuman can facilitate this communication:

Onboarding Program Integration: TaskHuman seamlessly integrates into the onboarding process, offering new employees immediate access to valuable resources and support. HR teams can incorporate TaskHuman Curated Programs, creating a centralized hub for linking employees to internal company resources and offering tailored guidance to newcomers. This approach ensures a smoother transition for employees while fostering a sense of support and value from day one.

HR Team As Coaches: Another approach is to add HR team members as coaches on the TaskHuman platform. TaskHuman offers scheduling and communication tools to facilitate interactions between employees and HR teams. This allows employees to schedule coaching sessions directly with HR professionals to discuss sensitive issues, seek advice on career development and personal matters, or address any concerns. By participating as coaches, HR team members can build stronger relationships with employees, gain insights into their needs and challenges, and provide tailored support and guidance when required while eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls.


Facilitating communication between employees and HR teams is essential for resolving issues effectively. TaskHuman provides a comprehensive range of skills to aid in conflict resolution and navigating workplace dynamics. Employees can access topics such as Workplace Politics, Reporting Workplace Issues, Conflict Resolution, and Problem-Solving through personalized 1:1 sessions or by participating in Group Sessions facilitated by the HR team.


Data Analytics And Reporting

Analytics plays a crucial role in tracking HR metrics and measuring the effectiveness of initiatives. TaskHuman offers robust analytics and reporting features, empowering PEO clients to make data-driven decisions that drive business success. 

Each PEO client is partnered with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure their points of contact (and the organization) have the crucial support needed for a successful rollout and ongoing partnership. Our Customer Success Managers maintain close and personable client relationships throughout our collaboration. Standard practices include regular check-ins, quarterly business reviews, and continuous marketing support tailored to your company’s objectives. Our goal is to keep clients up-to-date on engagement metrics so we can implement initiatives to increase engagement as needed. Our most popular initiatives are our group coaching session offerings and company-wide well-being challenges. As a TaskHuman client, you are never alone in your company’s well-being journey. We make it easy by offering tailored solutions based on specific pain points and business objectives.


Personalization And Integration

Personalization is key to meeting unique needs and fostering a tailored experience. TaskHuman understands this necessity and offers flexibility in platform-tailored abilities. One notable feature is TaskHuman’s capability to incorporate client logos and badges onto coach profiles. This feature adds a personalized touch, reinforcing brand identity and fostering a sense of partnership. 

Furthermore, TaskHuman empowers clients to bring their own content into the platform’s library, ensuring that resources align closely with their organizational goals and values. Whether it’s training materials, company policies, or specific guidelines, this integration allows for a seamless amalgamation of internal resources with TaskHuman’s extensive library of coaching and development skills. Integrations with other HR or payroll systems represent another facet of TaskHuman’s commitment to customization. Learn more → 

TaskHuman remains open to discussing and building integrations based on each client’s unique needs and requirements. This flexibility ensures that TaskHuman’s platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and systems, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. 



Integrating TaskHuman with Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) presents a game-changing opportunity for businesses to enhance HR efficiency, foster employee development, and promote well-being. By leveraging TaskHuman’s resources and tools, companies can streamline processes, improve communication, and make data-driven decisions that drive organizational success. Embracing this collaboration is not just about optimizing HR management—it’s about investing in the growth and satisfaction of your most valuable asset: your people. Explore the partnership between TaskHuman and PEOs for a comprehensive HR solution. Learn how to get started →


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