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September 23, 2020

What Wellness Means to TaskHuman Coaches

What wellness means to TaskHuman coaches

Wellness. It’s a state most of us want to be in, yet, so many of us struggle to define.

It’s different for everyone, evolves, and includes a range of habits and activities that help us be our best.

To figure out what wellness means to you, it can help to hear what it means for others. Our TaskHuman coaches have thought about their own personal definitions of wellness, and they are ready to share.

For these TaskHuman coaches, their wellness definitions focused around three central ideas: balance, holistic mindset, and awareness.

1. Balance for Wellness

The dictionary defines balance as “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.” While the elements of your life that you’re working to balance may change from person to person, there are several—like career, family, physical and mental health, and spirituality—that seem to be important to most people.

Listen as Coach Kate Butchino explains:

The way living a balanced life works for each person differs because we’re all different. Sometimes to find our balance, you need to focus on imbalance, so you can better know where to direct change. For Coach Haley Smith, focusing on how our bodies are manifesting our current state – through our imbalances – is important.

Listen as she explains:

You know what isn’t working. Now you need to think through what you want. When we look at the elements of our lives that are most important to us, and we work to keep them in balance, it allows for us to be in charge of our own lives.

Listen as Coach Rebecca Arsena explains:

Balance isn’t always internal either. Our balance can stem from how we move through our day too. It is us being aware of what we are putting into the world, both energy and product, and being at peace with our daily contribution.

Here Coach Casey Maples explains:

But what does balance look like? How do we know we’re in balance? It takes self-assessment in a compassionate and curious way. It means really thinking about what you’re doing and evaluating if it’s serving you and who you want to be.

Listen to Coach Maryann Quinn explain:

While working to live in balance can help many people find their wellness, many people benefit from thinking about their wellness from a holistic perspective, too.

2. Holistic for Wellness

Taking a holistic approach to wellness means you focus on all the branches at once. It’s not about keeping things in balance as it is keeping things in flow. Overall there’s not only a sense of balance, but it stems from the give and take of each element—physical activity, nutrition, relationships, and goals—in your life.

Listen to Coach Erin Darling explain:

It’s important to remember that when taking a holistic approach to wellness, you need to keep all of your “body systems” in alignment. While this idea may sound complicated, it isn’t. There are signs to know if you’re actually balanced or not, and you probably feel them—digestive issues, poor sleep, or tense relationships—for example.

Listen as Coach Miriam Campos Root explains:

Being fulfilled in your life is a great indicator that your life is in flow – that you’re living in holistic wellness. But if you are working to change a part of your life, you might not be fulfilled, but you can still be working toward wellness.

Shift your thinking a little bit from “fulfilled” to “thriving.” It is about being grateful for where you are while still working to change parts of your life.

Listen as Coach Cheri Orndorf explains:

There are many contributors to individual wellness, and many ways we can work toward improving our wellness from a holistic viewpoint. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you feel at peace with how you’re moving through life. You’re in harmony with your own life.

Listen as Coach Ashley Hawkins explains:

A balance-oriented or holistic view of wellness aren’t the only ways to achieve wellness. Try looking at it as being more aware of yourself and your needs.

3. Awareness for Wellness

When we practice self-awareness, it gives us insight into what we need to change and how much we need to change it to achieve our goals. It gives us the starting point to make adjustments to the driving elements in our lives.

Listen as Coach Dacia Stuhr explains:

Working to make positive changes in our lives gives us a sense of control in a healthy way. We know what we can work on, and we’re learning how to let go of the things we can’t control. We aren’t rigid, but we’re not just waiting for life to happen to us either.

Listen as Coach Tara Mazanec describes proactive living:

By taking a proactive approach to our own health, we tend to start being more aware and more positive about our lives. It’s not a “toxic positivity” but a “I am doing the best I can in his moment” belief. It is recognizing what influences us and working to allow in only those things that improve our functioning.

Coach Nona Mileva explains:

Improving your wellness doesn’t need to be spiritual either. There are very real, down-to-earth approaches that can help you live your best life. Coach Lionel King takes one such approach.

Listen as he explains:

Wellness is important. It is more than being healthy. It is more than doing what you want in your career. It is the combination of all the important aspects of human life that drive us and make us fulfilled. It is freedom.

Listen as Coach Mia Tarduno explains:

Finding your own wellness journey is personal and unique. Your way will not be like anyone else’s. But that doesn’t mean you have to navigate your journey alone. If you want LIVE support and guidance, reach out to any of our TaskHuman coaches to start improving your wellness journey today!


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