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June 10, 2021

Jaqueline Finds Human Connection and a “New Normal” Workout Routine


When the pandemic forced gym closures across the globe, people found themselves needing to adjust their workout routines overnight.

The same thing happened to Zoom employee, Jaqueline, a true “people person” who loves being social. With the help of Zoom’s partnership with TaskHuman, Jaqueline has been able to find human connection and a “new normal” workout routine through TaskHuman.

1. Starting Out

Jaqueline is a confirmed cardio lover, and she looked forward to going to the gym to get her workout in, while seeing people. The pandemic gym closures hit her hard. When she learned about TaskHuman, she decided that it would be worth trying.

“TaskHuman was a life-saver,” she says.

2. Building Relationships

One feature that sets TaskHuman apart from other wellness apps is the quality of coaches available. TaskHuman coaches want to see their clients thrive. They love getting to know and understand you. The relationship they develop with you is as important to them as it is to you.

These quality relationships quickly became important to Jaqueline. The time and dedication the coaches Jaqueline worked with offered value and support.

“They know my needs,” Jaqueline says.

3. Reaching Goals

Like many people during the pandemic, not being able to get to her gym and being at home all day made it easy for Jaqueline to gain a little bit of weight. When she started using TaskHuman, her primary goal was to lose the weight and to get back to her “normal” self.

Her TaskHuman coach helped her reach her goal.

“It was all through TaskHuman and exercising,” she says.

The benefits of using the TaskHuman app allowed Jaqueline to embrace her inquisitive side too. A life-long learner, she started working with an Ayurveda coach to learn more about this holistic wellness practice.

4. Developing Practices

Wellness is a practice. The TaskHuman app allows you to build the practice into your busy life by having expert coaches available when you are. This convenience is another aspect that Jaqueline loves about the service.

“I’m just reserving this time for them, which is basically what I was using pre-Covid, going to the gym, or having classes outside,” she says.

Jaqueline uses the app 3-4 times a week between her two go-to coaches. The app gives her the balance she needs to meet her wellness goals and satisfy her desire for human interaction while still making time for her family.

5. Using Video

Meeting through video for work is normal for most people now. It is also possible to find quality coaches for your wellness needs who can meet through video. TaskHuman makes finding and connecting with wellness coaches easy, Jaqueline says.

“Video conferencing can do everything,” she says.

6. Connecting with People

The traditional model of going to the gym for personal training is shifting. Now, people are more willing to connect through video calls. Some people, though, may think that while training through video is convenient, the quality is less.

Not so, assures Jaqueline.

TaskHuman exceeds expectations by connecting exceptional coaches with clients on a 1:1, LIVE basis.

“The experience is amazing,” Jaqueline says. “It is possible to talk, possible to share energy. You still have human interaction. It is amazing!”

7. Taking the Plunge

Even though meeting through video is common, some people still may hesitate before reaching out to a coach. Jaqueline feels it is worth getting over any nervousness. The quality of coaching makes any initial discomfort disappear.

“You’re in your home,” she says. “You’re in a safe space. You’re just sharing your screen.”

Human connection and wellness practices are more important than ever. TaskHuman can meet both of those needs. You can become healthier and happier. The app is the tool. The human connection is real.

To hear Jaqueline’s full story, click here

If you’re ready to start (or restart!) your wellness journey, reach out and connect with a live TaskHuman coach via video call today.

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