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July 28, 2022 3 Min Read

Set Goals Like An Olympian

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We are all Olympians in our own ways—we set the bar high in our expectations. We seek out the gold medal. Sometimes, we are so focused on the next step that we often lose track of what we’ve accomplished so far. We feel discouraged when we don’t get to stand on that imaginary podium in our head. We raise the bar a little higher with the next goal to help re-motivate.

Maybe you set a goal of following a diet or exercise plan to lose 5 pounds in a month. You step on the scale—your podium—after battling schedules and commitments. You won the bronze medal instead of gold. You set the bar a little higher looking for the missing link—find a new diet, sign up for another workout session, to lose 7 pounds in one month. Does this cycle sound familiar? 

You may think that the missing link is within your plan. But TaskHuman Coach Juan Pico knows from his experience of coaching Olympians, that it is within that first step: setting your goal. 

The most difficult step is the first step. Once you’ve done it, just play along. Just stay on the road and you’re going to get there,” says Juan.


He also shares his secrets to take your goals from hopes and dreams to tangible reality. 

When it comes to success in goal setting, you should: 

  • Find something you enjoy 
  • Check in with your life
  • Change your mindset
  • Start where you are at
  • Set realistic expectations 
  • Recognize the process
  • Celebrate your accomplishments

Another key to success Juan shares is to remember the first time [you] set the first goal. Don’t push yourself too hard. There’s a process for everything.


And from that process comes the success, the pride of accomplishment, the excitement of sharing your growth with others, and the drive to continue forward in achieving your goals just like an Olympian.

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