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June 3, 2021

Kandice Finds Breath Through TaskHuman App

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Focusing on your breath is a large part of finding your center and grounding yourself. And by leaning into your breath—by taking big, cleansing breaths—you can slow your heart rate, ultimately increasing your “feel-good” chemicals in your brain.

But for TaskHuman user Kandice, an illness left her with long-term breathing difficulties. After years of medication and difficult breathing episodes, Kandice found relief by working with her TaskHuman coach, Lila Bergroth, on breathing exercises. Here’s how TaskHuman helped Kandice find her breath.

1. Instant Connection

When Kandice’s company, One Workplace, added TaskHuman to their wellness offerings, Kandice immediately knew what she wanted to work on—her breathing challenges. She knew what she was looking for in a coach, and she found her match right away.

“I happened to message one that I currently meet with every week,” Kandice says, “and she has been helping me immensely deal with my breathing issues.”

While it regularly happens that users and coaches have an instant connection, it doesn’t always, and that’s ok. If you’re interested in learning more about certain wellness topics, reach out to any, or all, of the coaches who appeal to you. To break the ice, you can always send an in-app chat to any coach that catches your eye before making a call. In no time, you’ll find your match.

2. Wide Variety

Kandice’s company announced the new partnership with TaskHuman, and at the next meeting, Kandice’s team decided they wanted to try it out and share their experiences. When that happened, it became clear that there are coaches for everyone, including every area of self-care and various types of goals.

“It was also awesome to be able to share with my teammates,” Kandice says. “They had different experiences. They used different types of coaches, and it was cool to see the wide range of options you have to use on the app.”

That wide range means you’ll be able to find a coach that will help you crush your goals.

3. Individualized Coaching

Using the TaskHuman app means that you get individualized coaching. It is the personalized, 1:1 live coaching that sets TaskHuman apart from other apps. For Kandice, the personalized coaching is why she feels she’s been able to make so much progress.

“1:1 video coaching has been super-awesome for me,” she says. “Each week is different, and she is able to help me figure out ways to help myself specific to my needs that day or that week, without having to compete with other customers or having to deal with group settings and sharing my personal information.”

When you have a 1:1 coach, your coach learns more about you. They better understand where you are and where you want to go.

“It’s just been really the best experience that I’ve had with coaching because it meets a specific need in my life and the expertise of the coach is really awesome,” Kandice says. “She knows what she’s talking about, and she’s able to help me get results every week.”

And it’s those consistent results that add up and help you meet your goal.

4. Quality Sessions

Having a private coaching session is only as good as the coach you work with. For Kandice, finding a breathing coach who is an expert and with whom she had a strong connection means the difference between making progress or not.

“I currently work exclusively with Lila Bergroth, and I love her,” Kandice says. “And she’s awesome. And she knows it. I tell her every week.”

Working with a coach regularly is important. It helps build on the foundation and allows you to make progress.

“I currently use the TaskHuman app at least once a week for a 60-minute session with my coach,” she says.

Lila’s expertise and Kandice’s regular practice have paid off. Kandice is reaching her goals and breathing more easily.

5. Big Progress

When Kandice first started using the TaskHuman app, she was suffering from the long-term effects of a bout of pneumonia. Her lungs were weakened, and she regularly needed her emergency inhalers.

It’s different for her now.

“TaskHuman has really helped me come up with a plan for stress-related breathing issues and to help my body regulate the build-up of fluid in my lungs to make it so my day-to-day tasks are easier to accomplish,” Kandice says.

The strong trust that Kandice has in her coach illustrates that she is willing to do the hard work and follow through with their agreed-upon plan, in order to make progress and hopefully find a solution.

“I really trust her to help me get to the next level,” she says. “My current goal is to not use my inhalers as much as I have in the past, and working with her, that has been accomplished. I have reduced the use of my inhalers significantly, and I have a plan of attack to naturally breathe through future stress experiences.”

6. Worth the Call

For some people, the idea of hopping on a video call with a stranger is scary, and maybe unappealing. Talking to new people, especially over video chat, challenges our comfort zones. But the discomfort is worth it, Kandice says.

“In my experience, the TaskHuman coaches are awesome and down-to-earth and able to work through that initial awkwardness and help fulfill a need that you have in your life,” Kandice says.

It’s not just about reaching your goals. It’s how reaching those goals can change your life.

“I feel like my experience and life is definitely better because of my coaching experience on TaskHuman, and so for that reason, I would highly recommend downloading the app and getting yourself a coach to help you with whatever it is you need help with,” she says.

7. Go For It

Trying new things takes a certain level of bravery. You can increase your likelihood of taking the chance if you think through what you have to gain. When you use TaskHuman to connect with an expert coach who is dedicated to helping you reach your goals, there is little risk in the investment.

“In this situation, it’s easy to chat with a coach before you set up your initial meeting or just get some background information on their coaching style before you set up a face-to-face,” Kandice says. “I would highly recommend giving it a shot- what is there to lose?”

You can listen to Kelsey’s full story here. And if you’re ready to chat with a TaskHuman coach about how they can help you reach your goals, schedule a LIVE 1:1 consultation call today.

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