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December 5, 2022 2 Min Read

How Self-Awareness Can Make You a Better Leader

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Leadership positions aren’t just about power. In fact, being a good leader rarely means flexing your control. Good leaders tend to coach, mentor, and guide their teams. No matter where you are in your leadership journey — a newbie manager or a seasoned CEO — developing your skills in captaining your associates will help you create a stronger team. 

Coach Sinto Llobera works with individuals to develop their leadership skills, and for him, leadership starts with self-awareness.

Sometimes when we earn a leadership role, we feel like we don’t deserve it, or that we’re faking our authority. That can lead to using strategies that don’t resonate with our teams. Instead, Sinto wants us to see what our skills and weaknesses are in a realistic way. 

When we (as leaders) understand who we are, we are better able to view others as unique individuals. And within that context, we can see the impact we have on them (our team members). Sinto describes this as the “Three A’s.” They are:

  • Awareness (specifically, self-awareness)
  • Acceptance (of who we are)
  • Action (in alignment with who we are)

When administrators take these steps to understand themselves, they can also connect on a deeper level with others on their team.

“[Leaders] need to know…what is the culture, or where they are working? And if they are fitting in with the culture they are working in, see the work environment as a human relationship, not a results relationship,” says Sinto.

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