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August 13, 2020

Give Your Morning Routine a Makeover

Morning Routine Blog

Morning routines were tricky enough to master pre-pandemic, but now that our home and work lives are more intertwined than ever before, our AM rituals just got a lot more interesting (aka challenging)! 

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed about your new(ish) normal at home, and anxious about how you’re going to cram your long to-do list into one day. One key way to set your day up for success is to focus on your morning habits and what needs to stay, and more importantly, change. 

Lucky for us, TaskHuman coach, Tara Mazanec, shared her go-to strategies for creating an optimal morning in her recent TaskHuman Wellness Webinar: “Morning Makeover: A Guide to Owning Your Morning Before 8am.” During this informative session, Coach Tara walked attendees through:

  • Why a morning routine is important
  • Her foolproof morning makeover guide
  • Realistic tips to get started on your new morning routine
  • And so much more!

Coach Tara’s morning makeover guide consisted of four key points that are essential to follow, which she tagged as R.I.S.E: Rescue and Ignite Success Early


Take back your day by deciding to get a head start every morning. Remember, you are the boss of your daily outcome. Discover what would bring you joy, such as doing a morning meditation or making a healthy breakfast, and make a plan of action.


It is important to write 3-5 action steps you will take under each area that brings you joy. You will be more likely to ignite a fire within you to give you the motivation and discipline to crush your mornings. 


Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight, but rather in the day-to-day actions that we take. Win back your day by completing the action steps and celebrating every win, including making your bed or even making a cup of tea.


By committing to your plan before 8am, you instantly create wins. The small day-to-day achievements will increase your commitment and discipline over time, which you can continue to build off of one step at a time. 

To learn more about Tara’s morning makeover tips and tricks, tune into the webinar recording below.

And best of all, get 1:1 LIVE guidance from Coach Tara on improving your morning routine, right on the TaskHuman app. 


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