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August 18, 2023 3 Min Read

Finding Alignment: Why Personal Values Matter At Work

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Have you ever worked for a company and felt like you were in exactly the right place at the right time? Perhaps you believed your work was meaningful and served a greater purpose. Maybe you were given the flexibility to manage your priorities both at work and at home, or you were in a position where you could be innovative while solving complex problems. Whatever the circumstances, you were likely experiencing values alignment – when your personal values sync with the values of your workplace. 


According to TaskHuman coach Sherwin Chu, personal values are the principles and beliefs that guide your decision-making and behavior. They represent who you are and what’s most important to you. Values are unique to each individual and can be influenced by several factors, such as upbringing, culture, and life experiences. They can change over time, so you should revisit them often.


When your personal values align with the values of your workplace, you are more likely to feel a sense of purpose and motivation in your work. There is also a greater sense of engagement and connection to the company and its purpose. This leads to higher productivity, performance, and retention levels, ultimately impacting the bottom line. 


Finding Values Alignment

So how can you identify your values and align them with your work? Start by reflecting on what matters most to you. What principles do you hold dear? What kind of impact do you want to have on the world? Once you understand your values, consider how well they align with your current job or career path. Are you working for a company that shares your values? Do your daily tasks and responsibilities align with what’s most important to you? If they do, congratulations, you’re in alignment.


If your values do not sync with your work, don’t despair. You can take steps to bring greater alignment and fulfillment into your career. Start by talking to your manager about what’s important to you. Ask for opportunities to take on projects that align with your values and career goals. You can also consider pursuing other opportunities within your company that align more closely with your values. 


Leading Values Alignment

If you’re a leader, there are things you can do to support values alignment on your team. Coach Sherwin recommends the following actions to get started:


  • Attract and hire employees that are passionate about your organization and its mission.
  • Have meaningful conversations with your employees. Get to know them both professionally and personally. This will help you understand what’s important to them so you can align their work accordingly. 
  • Lead by example. Live the organizational values and ask your team to do the same. 
  • Share your personal and company values often and use them in your decision-making process. 


Remember, finding alignment between your personal values and your work is an ongoing process. As you grow and evolve, your values may shift and change. Be open to reassessing and realigning as needed. Don’t be afraid to make changes that will bring greater fulfillment and purpose into your life.


Ready to Align Your Values?

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