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January 5, 2024 2 Min Read


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The Jan-NEW-ary Challenge Starts In

Let The Games Begin!

Welcome to the Jan-NEW-ary Challenge, a 21-day journey on TaskHuman where you and your colleagues can vie for exciting prizes! Immerse yourself in personalized 1:1 sessions covering eight essential wellbeing categories, allowing you to dedicate time to the areas of your life that matter most to you.




TaskHuman app or Desktop platform


Earn Points:

Every minute spent with a TaskHuman coach counts as a point. 


Challenge Dates:

January 10 – 31



🏆 1st Place – Star Award

🥈 2nd Place – Inspire Award

🥉 3rd Place – Excel Award

Let’s make 2024 the year of personal growth, whether you’re dedicated to improving your physical fitness, pursuing personal growth, or striving for a healthier lifestyle. Get ready to shine and embrace the TaskHuman Jan-NEW-ary Challenge. Let’s get started!


Get Started With These Popular Topics

Explore a personalized wellbeing journey by delving into these common New Year’s resolutions and coaching topics. Let our expert coaches guide you towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.


Physical Fitness:

Resolution: Exercise regularly, lose weight, or train for an event.

Coaching Topics: Home-Based Workouts, Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Sports Performance



Resolution: Create weekly meal plans, learn new healthy recipes, or cultivate mindful eating habits.

Coaching Topics: Meal Preparation, Healthy Recipes, Mindful Eating, Manage Emotional Eating


Mental Health:

Resolution: Reduce stress, practice mindfulness, or improve mental wellbeing.

Coaching Topics: Manage Stress, Practice Mindfulness, Purpose-Driven Living, Develop Positive Body Image


Work-Life Balance:

Resolution: Achieve a better balance between work and personal life, improve your sleep hygiene, or establish healthy routines.

Coaching Topics: Time Management, Workplace Boundaries, Sleep Better, Develop Healthy Habits


Financial Wellness:

Resolution: Reduce financial stress, budget effectively, reduce debt, or plan for retirement.

Coaching Topics: Financial Wellness, Budgeting, Understanding Debt, Retirement Planning


Personal Development:

Resolution: Learn a new language, discover new hobbies, or engage in more recreational activities. 

Coaching Topics: Learn To Speak A Language (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Balkan Languages), Goal Setting, Finding Purpose, Tai Chi, Cardio Dance


Social Connection:

Resolution: Strengthen relationships, make new friends, or be more socially engaged.

Coaching Topics: Interpersonal Relationships, Communication, Active Listening, Manage Anxiety


Career Advancement:

Resolution: Build upon your strengths, set professional goals, or refine your ability to influence others positively.

Coaching Topics: Identifying Personal Strengths, Professional Goal Setting, Workplace Communication, Presentations, Public Speaking

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