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January 3, 2024

Collaborative Presentations: The Power of Developing Partnerships in Complex Sales

Collaborative Presentations

The Dynamics of Complex Sales

Understanding the intricacies of how companies make purchasing decisions is not only the most important, but usually the most challenging part of successful selling. Knowing who holds the most influence, where they stand on the buying scale, and whether decisions are made collectively or by a single authority is paramount. However, more often than not, successful navigation through these complexities requires an insider’s perspective.

The Role of the Internal Champion

An internal champion in your prospect’s organization can be a key partner to you throughout the sales process. An internal champion is someone within your prospect’s organization with whom you’ve cultivated a robust relationship over time. These champions are typically end-users genuinely interested in the product you’re selling, though they may not be the ultimate decision-makers or budget holders.

Identifying Your Champion

Identifying your internal champion should be an organic process. It’s often the person with whom you interact most frequently. They assist in securing time on decision-makers’ calendars and wield significant influence without having the final say on purchasing decisions. In the landscape of B2B purchases, where decisions involve an average of 6-7 stakeholders, champions play a crucial role.

The End-User Advantage

Most champions are end-users who have earned recognition from other stakeholders. Leveraging end-users who transition into champions provides a substantial advantage in the sales process as they can offer insights into how your product can alleviate real pain points or where it may fall short. Understanding the challenges within the current tech landscape and buying-process bottlenecks positions you strategically.

Collaborative Presentations: A Game-Changer

Collaborative presentations in partnership with your champion can change the game for complex sales. These presentations involve working closely with your internal champion to craft a pitch that resonates with various stakeholders. By working with an internal champion to truly understand the needs of the prospect’s organization, you position yourself to solve broader organizational challenges, rather than just selling a product. 

Unveiling Pain Points

Your champion, having experienced the product firsthand, becomes an invaluable resource in exposing pain points that might otherwise remain hidden. Whether it’s addressing technical challenges or understanding the nuances of the existing landscape, collaborative presentations allow you to uncover significant problems that your solution can solve.

Building Trust and Relationships

Collaborating with your champion fosters trust and relationships within the prospect’s organization. When multiple stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process, establishing a connection with each is vital. Your champion serves as a bridge, introducing you to key players and facilitating meaningful interactions.

Tips for Success

  • Prospect Strategic End-Users: Identify end-users who have been with the company for an extended period or hold senior titles. These individuals can be a good place to start having conversations about your product.
  • Crush Demos with Precision: If you’ve impressed a stakeholder during a demo, ensure your champion is aware of it. They can provide insights into why that aspect of the demo resonated, enabling you to capitalize on it.
  • Nurture Champion Relationships: Beyond the initial stages of the sales cycle, invest time in nurturing your relationship with the champion. Equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to champion your product internally.

Conclusion: Shaping Success Through Genuine Alliances

Developing partnerships with internal champions can make or break your sales strategy when working on complex deals. Building strong relationships and delivering collaborative presentations rooted in a solid understanding of your prospect’s business needs and pain points is truly the key to success. 

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