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May 15, 2023 4 Min Read

Coaching Methodology

coaching mindset

Everyone wants to claim that they have discovered the secret to something. Whether it’s losing weight or making more money, someone is touting that they have invented the process that will make the impossible possible. But, when you dig into it, the methods they share are often the same core things we have always known, perhaps with new terms applied. 

Professional skills coaching is no different. There are dozens of methodologies out there that are all saying essentially the same things when you back up from them. So, while we don’t claim to have invented anything new – our coaching methodology is simple, and it walks you through how to have an effective coaching conversation – anytime, anywhere.   


The TaskHuman Coaching Methodology is based on a few core principles: 

  • Goal-Oriented: People seek coaching because they want to achieve something that they feel they cannot do alone. However, often they struggle to express what they want to accomplish. Our coaching approach is to help clients find clarity and identify their goals.
  • Focus On Strengths: The best coaches help their clients identify behaviors that have been successful in the past and find ways to replicate them more often or in different contexts.
  • Action-Oriented: Coaches focus on changing the mindset of their clients, but ultimately, most goals are defined by what people do. We help clients identify actions to take and behaviors to adopt in specific situations to help them achieve their goals.
  • A Cycle, Not A Linear Process: Coaches help clients identify the actions they want to take and then work with them afterward – either celebrating their success or helping them plan a course correction if they did not get the outcome they hoped for. The key to quality coaching is accountability.
  • Flywheel Effect: Taking action and realizing success creates a positive psychological momentum, a perceptual phenomenon that changes human behavior and performance. Sequential runs of success lead to increased confidence and create a renewable energy, like a flywheel, that will carry people forward to greater success with less effort.


The process is simple – it is primarily about asking the right questions:

  • Identify A Goal: A great coach helps people clarify their goal in concrete terms. This involves finding out what motivates them, where they find authentic satisfaction and pride in their work and helping them identify new insights that can direct their passion.
  • Explore Strengths: Help clients imagine how they will pursue their goal by asking questions about situations in which they have experienced success in the past. These stories help people recognize their own unique strengths and how they can use them to achieve their new goal.
  • Set A Path Forward: Ask penetrating questions to help clients spell out the first few steps on their path towards their goal. This increases their confidence to start their journey, by challenging them to be specific about when, where and how they will take action.
  • Take Action: Set follow-up meetings to provide accountability for clients to take the action they defined. Every step may not be successful, so in the discussion, ask questions that are supportive and keep people motivated about the desired outcome.

We encourage you to use these “secrets” to find your path towards being a better leader and coach for your team. The best way to learn is to be coached yourself. Contact a coach today and take your first step. Enjoy the adventure!


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