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July 29, 2022 5 Min Read

Better Sales Come From Connection, Not Transaction

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When you say the word “sales,” many people think of people who push unwanted products onto others. But for TaskHuman Coach Filip Marinica-Grando that isn’t what sales is really all about. For him, sales is about making connections, which [he believes] will improve your sales skills. When he spoke with Coach Jamie Carroll on a recent episode of TaskHuman Talks, he talked about why creating deeper connections with others is important and also shared insight as to how you can improve your sales skills through empathy. Here are the key takeaways from the podcast:

1. Lead With Love

Getting away from the smarmy salesman stereotype is simple, according to Filip. The key is to love your customer. No, it’s not about having a bromance or romanticizing the relationship. It’s seeing their humanity and trying to find connection with them.

“I think leading with love means being open and having faith that you’ll find a mutual agreement that is good for you, and for the customer, and for your company,” Filip says.

You find the connection between yourself and your customer because you are trying to help them. When your goal becomes solving another person’s problem over making the sale, you’ll be able to see solutions to the problem you may have otherwise overlooked and, perhaps ironically, you’ll get the sale.

2. Slow Down the Sale

Working to get the sale too soon can backfire. If you’re pushing too hard, you lose that personal connection, says Filip. Instead, it feels purely transactional, thus harming how your consumer perceives you. For him, transactional sales should be saved for one-time purchases, like a washing machine. Other sales need to start with relationship-building, and which is where slowing down the sale comes in.

When you work to build relationships first, you better understand potential consumers. You build trust. They feel safe, and they feel heard.

“I think [slowing down] gives you perspective because being attached to the sales target or your goal is a very narrow thing,” he says. “If you slow down, maybe you can take a step back and see the perspective of the situation.”

The perspective you gain from not pushing for the sale can help you see where your services are needed. It can also help you tailor your offering, rather than using a “one-size-fits-all” model.

3. Manage Your Emotions

If a sales negotiation stalls or falls through, you may feel strong negative emotions. Coach Filip notes that it’s important to process those feelings and know it’s valid to feel upset, but you also need to be able to manage them effectively. Sales is a competitive arena, so you should expect some losses and occasional anger and frustration. Filip believes learning how to manage those negative emotions begins with practicing mindfulness, forgiving yourself, and actively understanding yourself better by talking with a trusted friend or coach.

He believes it’s important to learn to deal with your emotions because “if you’re not dealing with them, they are dealing with you,” he says. “And if you’re not able to process [these emotions], or if you are in a corporate setting and the corporate setting is not designed to help you to deal with them, it’ll create demotivation and demotivation in sales is directed to the target.”

Embracing the idea that sales is a difficult job, but that it also includes developing strong human connections may help you better understand—and manage—your feelings when things don’t go as planned. The takeaway? Sustainable sales come from fostering relationships that build trust and understanding between you and your prospects.

If you want to hear all of Filip’s sales and business wisdom, click here.


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