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April 30, 2024

Revolutionizing Healthcare Cost Management 

Preventative Health

In the face of rising healthcare costs and the looming challenges posed by chronic conditions, employers are seeking innovative solutions to not only mitigate expenses but also enhance the well-being of their workforce. TaskHuman emerges as a beacon of hope in this landscape, offering personalized well-being coaching and support that has demonstrated remarkable potential in reducing healthcare expenditures. Let’s explore how TaskHuman can influence cost savings projections for a 1000-employee organization while considering the current healthcare industry trends and the impact of smoking cessation. 


Understanding Healthcare Cost Trends 

The healthcare industry is grappling with numerous challenges, including high inflation, rising wages, and clinical workforce shortages. PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) projects a 7.0% year-on-year medical cost trend in 2024 for both Individual and Group markets. This uptick reflects inflationary unit cost impacts with contracted healthcare providers, as well as double-digit pharmacy trends driven by specialty drugs and medications for conditions like Type 2 Diabetes and weight loss. 


TaskHuman’s Cost-Effective Solution 

TaskHuman offers a cost-effective solution for employers seeking to manage healthcare expenditures while prioritizing employee wellness. With a flat per employee per year pricing model and unlimited coaching encompassing personal and professional development, TaskHuman provides unparalleled value compared to traditional healthcare interventions. 


Impact of Weight Management and Smoking Cessation 

Research indicates that smoking cessation can lead to weight gain, exacerbating the risk of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. However, interventions that combine smoking cessation with weight control have shown promise in mitigating these risks. TaskHuman’s comprehensive coaching approach addresses both tobacco cessation and weight management, offering tailored strategies to support employees in their journey towards better health. 


Cost Savings Projection 

Considering TaskHuman’s potential reduction in healthcare expenditures, let’s calculate the projected cost savings for a 1000-employee organization: 

Assuming TaskHuman helps achieve a conservative 10% reduction in annual healthcare expenditures per employee, and the average annual healthcare expenditure per employee without TaskHuman is $2574, the potential savings per employee would be: 

10% x $2574 = $257.40

Total Savings For The Organization: 

$257.40 (savings per employee) X 1000 (number of employees) = $257,400 per year. 


Transforming Healthcare Management 

TaskHuman represents a transformative approach to healthcare management, offering employers a cost-effective solution to address rising healthcare costs while fostering employee well-being. By leveraging personalized coaching and support, TaskHuman empowers individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and significant cost savings for organizations. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, TaskHuman stands as a beacon of innovation, reshaping the paradigm of corporate well-being and cost management. 


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