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October 7, 2022

TaskHuman Helps the CHRO of the Future Today

CHRO of the future

Today’s CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer) have their work cut out for them.

Traditionally, the CHRO developed, executed, and communicated an organization’s HR strategy — and recruiting, hiring, and training tasks all fell within their purview. Now, amid a work environment impacted by economic uncertainty, global conflict, and an ongoing pandemic, many CHROs describe themselves as crisis managers, nurses, and real estate experts.

As more HR issues become business issues, the CHRO has become an integral member of the C-suite. In fact, 9 out of 10 CHROs report that HR is now just as important to the success of their organization as finance. We partnered with Executive Networks to survey CHROs from Global 1000 organizations to learn about their plans, pressures, and priorities in the “Global CHRO of the Future” report. TaskHuman is the CHRO’s biggest champion, and we’re ready, willing, and able to help. We can arm the CHRO with the extra resources they need to meet employees where they are — and I mean where employees are physically, emotionally, and professionally.


A Matter of Talent: Beyond Measure

 “Talent attraction and retention” topped CHROs’ strategic priorities list in 2022. Our research found that 83% of CHROs are facing a significant talent retention problem for in-demand skills. CHROs reported a turnover rate of 20% in professional service firms.

Why are employees leaving? Stress, burnout, lack of career development opportunities, and work-life balance challenges. In fact, the cost to replace unplanned attrition has been pegged at nearly 50% of the total salary for the position. We think it’s much higher (attrition calculator Executive Networks to survey CHROs) when you consider the time HR spends creating the job posting, conducting interviews, onboarding a new hire, and ramp-up time. Also, think holistically about things that aren’t so easy to attach a number to: How does attrition affect office morale? How does a new person/new people with new ideas affect co-workers? Is there a trickle-down effect when management changes?

People are rethinking when, where, and why they work (and whom they work for). The pandemic exposed the “wizard behind the curtain,” and many people saw certain day-to-day aspects of their jobs that they didn’t like. That’s what fueled the Great Resignation and the Great Re-evaluation. How can CHROs stay one step ahead of attrition?

TaskHuman offers CHROs “individually personalizable” all-in-one employee experience tools that are convenient, easy to use, and affordable. TaskHuman is a coaching, learning, and development platform for all aspects of an employee’s work and personal life. Our 1:1 digital coaching platform allows users to instantly discover and connect via video call with more than 1,000 coaches in 50+ countries. Additionally, companies can also choose to designate internal mentors to be available as coaches for their employees on TaskHuman. These coaches are ready to help employees individually and collectively  on 1300+ topics ranging from physical fitness, mental well-being, remote work setup and career to finance, work productivity, and leadership and sales coaching. This brings me to my next point…

Helping CHROs Help Employees Help Themselves

Yesterday’s one-size-fits-all benefits and learning and development packages simply don’t give today’s employees what they need. Remember the ping pong tables, happy hours, and “Free Lunch Fridays” of yesteryear? Those have given way to gym memberships along with wellness and “mommy” packages. The smart CHRO knows that diversifying their benefit and learning and development packages to be all-inclusive and equitable — globally — is critical.

TaskHuman supports employees as their needs change (personally and professionally). This is what many call work-life balance. We suggest employees aim for work-life integration (balance is like an up-and-down see-saw while integration is like a smooth rhythm). In the end, employees are seeking work-life satisfaction. CHROs know the ins and outs of their employee populations — and they can take preemptive action to get ahead of potential employee dissatisfaction.

Take leadership coaching, for example. Traditionally, this type of coaching was reserved for executives — and this leaves all other employees feeling like their employer doesn’t deem them worthy of investment. When people feel undervalued, unrecognized, and without a road to advancement, they leave. TaskHuman offers all employees personalized coaching to practice the skills they need now — from speaking with confidence in meetings to upskilling for a specific role.

We offer all employees support for all phases of their career journey.

Navigating Tomorrow’s CHRO Challenges Today

We asked CHROs which areas they would allocate more funding to if their 2023 budget was doubled. The top five results: “employee experience,” “diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging,” “employee well-being,” “leadership development for next-generation leaders,” and “up-skilling and reskilling employees.” TaskHuman can help HR leaders transform their workplace to keep pace with constant changes in the workplace, the global marketplace, and the world.

We offer guided coaching journeys with discovery screens mapped to an organization’s mission, business goals, and culture. That gives employee users continuity between what they experience in their organization and what they experience as part of this benefit. This journey begins when the contract is signed and a company is assigned a customer success manager to ensure the organization is getting the most out of TaskHuman. We average 65% engagement across our enterprise employees — and much of this is because employees can use TaskHuman how, when, and where they want.

We are here to support organizations as they pivot and adapt to internal and external changes — from acquisitions and new hires to leadership changes and layoffs. As your organization evolves, HR will evolve along with it — and TaskHuman is here to lead the way.


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