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October 6, 2021

Surviving The Great Resignation: Lowering Organizational Turnover & Increasing Retention with TaskHuman

Surviving The Great Resignation: Lowering Organizational Turnover & Increasing Retention

How do companies differentiate themselves to retain employees, lower turnover costs, and sustain morale?Americans continue to leave current workplace positions as new values and lifestyle preferences shift. A survey conducted by BankRate shows that not only are 54% of employees looking to change jobs within the next 12 months, but 43% say their career has slowed to a crawl.

Organizations grasping for employee incentives and benefit programs fall short in understanding that each employee defines value and workplace happiness differently.

Narrow-minded approaches to retention are the exact reason why companies fall short in overcoming today’s resignation culture.

Why Are People Leaving? 
What’s behind the dissatisfaction and turnover? 
Employees want their professional career to seamlessly and effortlessly fit within their own personal goals and lifestyle. In order to attract and retain a talented workforce, companies need to prove they not only value their team’s individual wellness goals (physical, mental, spiritual) but better yet, they facilitate that understanding through what they actively prioritize and bring to the table.

Today’s workforce has more freedom, control, and opportunity than ever. Being remote allows people to explore different locations, travel plans, and lifestyles that were previously not possible. In many companies, being remote has lowered the relationships and camaraderie between colleagues, which only leads people feeling more comfortable to move around.

How do companies differentiate themselves to retain employees, lower turnover costs, and sustain morale?

The Costs Are Significant
A peek behind the curtain – cost, loss, and numbers
Let’s take a look at the numbers behind attrition and disengaged employees. Disengaged employees have an 18% lower productivity rate than engaged employees, representing $2,246/employee on average. Absenteeism for disengaged employees is also 34% higher, with absenteeism costing companies $1,685/employee.
Unplanned attrition is anywhere between 50-200% of annual salary, depending upon the level of employee. Let’s also not forget employee medical insurance costs, additionally, between $12-15k per employee, per year.

The risk represented by employee wellbeing is so significant, that corporate board of directors feel it represents a significant threat to the sustainability of the enterprise that they are now demanding an articulated employee well-being strategy.

Is unplanned attrition a risk you are willing to take?

Surviving The Resignation 
Priorities, next steps, and partnership…

Your people are your organization’s most valuable asset. When you take care of your employees, they take care of your business. Companies need to equip themselves with an indispensable employee benefit that works to:

Attract, attain, and retain top talent by bridging the gap between both professional and personal aspirations

Provide accessibility for global workforces, creating synergy and equity throughout entire staffs
Reduce turnover costs by creating flexible work-life balance solutions and opportunities for growth and development through personalized experiences based on each team member’s interests, lifestyle, and pain points
Supporting The Whole Individual through connecting everyone to a comprehensive wellness network and creating support on both an individual and group level – allowing employee resource groups (ERGs) to provide ongoing coaching, support, and opportunities for growth for all members, as well

TaskHuman allows organizations to provide a powerful resource to an entire workforce – global, remote, in-office, contract employees, and more  – allowing them to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

Having a strong staff with healthy behaviors and, most importantly, the available resources to maintain and better those behaviors, create employees who view your company as an invaluable resource that wholeheartedly supports their lifestyle. This, in turn, creates an increased value to the user AND the enterprise. That’s the key.

Valuable, caring company. Loyal, appreciative staff. A win-win.

TaskHuman integrates common enterprise wellbeing strategies – such as EAP, weight loss/nutrition, mental/emotional, and financial coaching – with holistic wellbeing exploration, career coaching, and leadership counseling. Instead of mismatched solutions, all of these wellness disciplines are now available through one simple access point, TaskHuman, lowering cost and improving utilization.

Powerful Value That you Just Can’t Beat

The undeniable solutions of TaskHuman

Supporting The Whole Individual

Connecting everyone to a comprehensive network of wellness coaches

Creates Connectedness

Relieves anxiety and builds human connection with 1:1 high-touch coaching

Inexpensive & Flexible

Low-cost service without restrictions, caps or additional fees for the employee

When You Want It, Where You Want It, Globally

Mobile first, and always available, 24/7/365, all over the world

Simple Deployment

No enterprise IT support required, with dedicated, live customer support


TaskHuman allows employees to work off stress through exercise, clean eating, and overall physical wellbeing.
We grant all staff members a safe space to dive into their mental health, building confidence, clarity, and coping tactics no matter where their pain points are.
TaskHuman gives everyone the freedom to explore different genres of wellness that aren’t as mainstream, including reiki, breathwork, pre/postnatal needs, language support/practice, horoscopes, and so much more.

Wellness Looks Different To Everyone

It’s time to invest in your team the right way. 

Utilizing TaskHuman within your company’s employee benefits package ensures your entire workforce knows you value their time, mental health, physical wellbeing, and professional development goals. This, in turn, will successfully mark you safe from today’s resignation culture.


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