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September 16, 2022

Make Powerhouse Managers

man and woman working together to become stronger powerhouse managers

Leaders of new companies that provide innovative and disruptive services know there’s a critical window to scale before another larger company threatens to swallow them.

Managers Learn What it takes to support and scale their teams.

Good management works. It gets the job done. But we’re living in an age where 50% of workers are always open to another job. So great managers are needed to keep star employees (and average ones that can be groomed.) What made a great manager in past decades is not exactly the same in today’s workplace. Workers want a manager with these skills that win their loyalty.

Provide growth opportunity

Provide extra help where the employee needs it. Lots of employees excel at a few aspects of their role but struggle in other areas. Managers can keep an open dialogue and make the employee feel safe in discussing their weak areas because they know their managers want to help them. TaskHuman makes it easier for managers to facilitate the growth process.

Train your successor

Managers can look at this as a catalyst for advancing their own career as well as their direct report. In high-growth companies, scaling the team’s ability to perform to keep up with the company’s growth can be a challenge.


In terms of being able to move into different roles if there’s a better fit without leaving the company. Provide team members the ability to learn about other skillsets the company values and prepare them to make a change. More likely to retain an employee in a different, more productive capacity. Don’t have to assimilate the employee all over again because they’ve already adopted the company’s mission and values.

Know what’s happening with your team – listen

Gather feedback in ways that every member of your team will utilize. Prioritize engaging with your team members, learn their strengths and weaknesses so you know what to delegate quickly. If you know their weaknesses you can send them to the right training and coaching. Find out what their career aspirations are and then get them the help they need to travel toward that.


Do More with Less

How to do more with less. (inspire!, communicate well the expectations, celebrate successes) Don’t come up with all the ideas. Ask your team! The difference between a leader and a manager is often the skills used to leverage talent. Learn how to influence change and make changes that require effective and timely decisions. Learn to set team standards and values and to take ownership so your team will follow. Give honest feedback.

In Closing

TaskHuman can also help managers scale the support they’re providing to their direct reports that need it when they need it. The employee grows their skill set without the manager having to have organized cohorts, curriculum, etc. The manager is also able to offer full-spectrum support to individuals where professional performance is stalled due to personal challenges.
Multi-level support for both growing management skills and resources they can use to support employees and meet their expectations.

Learn how TaskHuman Can Help Your Managers

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