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Updated: March 11, 2022

Copyright Guidelines for Virtual Events


Usage of Assets & Writings


  • Determine whether the image, writing, video, or music is copyright protected or in the public domain. (Please note: copyright does not require registration)
  • If you can’t identify its status, then you should assume it is copyrighted and should not use the asset or writing.
  • If the asset is subject to a creative commons license or other general license please make sure to follow the terms of that license.
  • If the asset is directly licensed to you, you must ensure you have the appropriate licenses to use them in derivative works. (i.e., stock photos)
  • Where a license is required to acknowledge the owner/producer of the copyrighted work please makes sure to do so in a clear and visible manner.
  • If the asset has a copyright symbol with the name of the owner please do not remove it.
  • Please do not manipulate the photo or video, without specific prior permission from a license holder when required to do so.
  • Ensure that if you are using specific licensed content that your usage does not exceed the scope of the original permission granted by the license. 
  • Do not use, incorporate, reproduce any writing or asset that is not in the public domain or that is not licensed to you.


Helpful Resources to Determine Copyright Status:


  • For Images:
  • For Music:
  • U.S. Copyright Registration Lookup:



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