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October 8, 2020

Why Coach Tiffany Albury is Done With Burnout

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TaskHuman coach, Tiffany Albury, has worked in the medical field her entire career. At one point, she considered becoming a doctor. While helping people is her passion, she realized she didn’t want to focus on making people better, but keeping them well.

She recently sat down with fellow coach, Jamie Carroll, to talk about her passions and practices in the new “TaskHuman Talks” video podcast series.

Coach Tiffany’s tenants for personal wellness include:

  • Move
  • Set small goals
  • Take a mindful shower
  • Do nothing
  • Breathe!

Here are the highlights of the interview:

1. Covid Response Proves the Importance of Public Health

When the outbreak began, Coach Tiffany noticed a fundamental shift in the collective mindset toward public health.

“There’s not enough money in prevention,” she says. It is her belief that people should be taught and encouraged to stay well, so there is less burden on the medical community to make them better.

One way to stay well is to move. Even when you’re sick. Small movements: stretching or a slow, short walk are enough. Movement wakes “you up to being alive” and improves blood flow and your mental state.

Coach Tiffany also would like to see the medical field embrace more “well-rounded” wellness education. All of the aspects of wellness (mental, emotional, relational, and environmental) are important.

2. Rebuilding Health Communities is Her Passion

Coach Tiffany moved to the South Florida area to work with underserved communities. Part of her award-winning work included partnering with community groups to teach students to build bikes – and then use them – in an effort to increase exercise among young people.

She also enjoys speaking with small groups to encourage stress management and self-care. It’s important, Coach Tiffany says, to set small goals when starting a wellness journey.

“People set huge goals, and they can’t get there. They’re not used to it. They get intimidated when it’s not moving as quickly.”

3. Her Knowledge is First-hand

For all of her passion and energy to serve others, Coach Tiffany also has experience with giving too much and suffering burnout. So for her, self-care is not a luxury. It is a way of making sure she can continue to be present in her work.

One of her favorite self-care strategies is taking a mindful shower. To do it, spend your shower time paying close attention to the actions of showering and visualize “washing away your worries and stress.” It’s not just the actions, but using the time to slow down, that delivers benefits.

Coach Tiffany doubles-down on the mindful shower as often as she can by doing nothing. Really nothing. For Coach Tiffany, it allows her to totally reset her brain and center her emotions.

4. Medical Professionals Need More Support 

Coach Tiffany’s own experience with burnout cemented her desire to help others in the medical field. Helpers often neglect their own care in service to others, yet they also need support. Her desire is to have a holistic connection to medicine, wellness, and her clients.

The most important thing you can do right now to start improving your health – breathe.

“Now is the time,” she says. “We don’t do it enough. It is so important to everything.”

If you want to hear the whole conversation, listen here.


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