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November 4, 2019

What Makes TaskHuman Coaches Unique


TaskHuman is the first app that offers you 1:1 LIVE access, via video call, to an entire digital wellness network. Our coaches specialize in 1000+ wellness topics, including stress management, strength training, clean eating and so much more. No need to make an appointment or drive anywhere—you can do it all right from your mobile device at a time and place that works best for you.

We recognize that no health journey is ever the same and that each person requires a different set of tools to help them become the well-thiest version of their self. That’s why TaskHuman coaches have a variety of focuses, communication styles and personalities to choose from. As a user, you’re free to try out as many pros as you want, in as many different topics as you choose.

Each TaskHuman coach is carefully vetted by our staff as well as existing TaskHuman coaches before joining the community. We make sure that only the best are on our platform to better serve you.

Learn what just a few of our TaskHuman coaches have to say about what makes them unique as a coach:

Aisha Perez: Stress Management

Aisha is here to support you, whether you’re dealing with stress, insomnia or just want to know how to better nourish your body.

Sinclair Bayard: Strength Training

Sinclair is passionate about helping you aim for your goals, aspiring to be greater and achieving your highest quality of life. He can help you with goal setting and breaking down barriers to achieve consistent healthy habits, such as at-home circuit training.

Tammi Hoerner: Clean Eating

Tammi believes that giving your body and mind the right tools, you can overcome any obstacle. She is here to help create healthy habits that stick, including clean eating, meal prepping, food label reading and more.

Laurie Angress: Yoga & Meditation

Laurie’s unique and personalized approach combines yoga and mindful practices that promote optimal health, well-being, and relaxation.

Sedae Slaughter: Life Transitions

Sadie can be your partner in crime when it comes to achieving life-changing results. She propels her clients to be their well-thiest selves by helping them break away from negative habits, define what needs to change, and motivating them to move forward.

These TaskHuman coaches, along with so many more, are all available to help you become your well-thiest self. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on a video call or book a session with one (or all!) of them today!


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