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December 13, 2023 2 Min Read

Welcome To Waters Coach & Connect

Two women discuss business benefits after leadership coaching

Welcome To Waters Coach & Connect! 

Thank you for joining the leadership coaching program for new people leaders at Waters, designed exclusively for you, our selected leaders. We’re excited to have you as a participant!


Program Overview:

Effective leadership requires a broad range of skills and capabilities, from emotional intelligence and transparency to continuous learning and accountability. At times, it can be a difficult balance to strike. However, with the right coaching support, leaders can build the skills and mindset they need to motivate their teams and drive success for their organization. 

Waters is excited to bring you the TaskHuman Leadership Development coaching experience, where you have access to expert coaches who can help you build the skills you need to excel. You’re able to  prioritize and select those skills and behaviors that are most  beneficial to you and align your growth with your professional goals. 

This program is designed as a personalized coaching experience designed to upskill new managers on critical leadership skills and amplify the potential of leaders at Waters. This program gives you access to 1:1 coaching sessions with TaskHuman coaches who will  support and guide you in building skills and transform behaviors to accelerate your development.


How To Get The Most Out Of Waters Coach & Connect:

It’s time to get clear about what skills you would like to develop and to get clear on your goals. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Take Your Pre-Program Survey – This helps to set a baseline for your coaching program.

  2. Build Your Coaching Plan – Book your first call with a TaskHuman Coach to discuss your personal and professional goals. TaskHuman Coaches will help you clarify your plan of action via a 1:1 coaching call. 

The core of the experience is meeting with TaskHuman coaches to help you develop strategies to support your growth and provide guidance and accountability throughout the program and beyond. Once a strong relationship is established with your coach (or  your dream team of coaches), you can continue these conversations as a powerful career resource. Best practice is to meet with your coach (or coaches) at a regular cadence, typically once every two weeks, to develop consistently toward taking actions and ultimately achieving your goals.

Peer Exchange Group Sessions will also take place at a regular cadence within the program. These are opportunities to share insights, challenges, and successes with your peers in a safe environment. Plan to be a full participant in any Group Session by listening carefully to others, offering constructive feedback, and openly sharing. Valuable insights can often be gained through the exchange of knowledge with colleagues. Register for upcoming sessions →


Ready To Get Started?

Are you ready to power up your growth? You have access to a wide network of qualified coaches on the TaskHuman Platform that can help. Click the link below to  book your first session today. 


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