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March 11, 2021

User Prepares for Big Life Events with TaskHuman

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Wellness, in all its categories, is an important part of life. But life is also so much more than what people might traditionally think of as wellness, such as fitness and clean eating. TaskHuman coaches can do so much more than help you get fit– although they are awesome at that too. They can help you prepare for milestone life events, like getting married and even getting a new puppy!

Sean Thoensen found TaskHuman to meet important life needs after trying out the app that his company, Zoom, recently launched to employees. He couldn’t find a premarital coach who was safely seeing new patients during the pandemic. And he and his fiance wanted to be sure they were entering the new stage of their life with all the best tools.

TaskHuman filled the void for Sean. And he quickly learned that the robust offerings and coaching expertise that TaskHuman offered could give him support in any area of life.

Here are the 3 reasons Sean loves using TaskHuman:

1. Flexible scheduling

When two busy professionals decided to get married, they also wanted a premarital coach who can accommodate their schedules. And when they also decided to get a puppy, they needed support there too. Fighting to find a time to meet didn’t interest them.

Sean was happy with how quickly he was able to book his first session through the app.

“TaskHuman was great to be able to connect us to an awesome expert,” he says.

But it wasn’t just the easy scheduling of the initial meeting that impressed Sean. The flexible availability of top TaskHuman coaches makes it easy for him to schedule sessions whenever he needs them.

“Life is hectic. Being able to find times to connect with a professional has been super-easy,” he says.

TaskHuman coaches are available when you need them, so they can help you with all of your life goals.

2. Broad coaching knowledge

Another important feature of TaskHuman is the comprehensive expertise that coaches have. From yoga and clean eating to sleep and spirituality, the app became the first place Sean turned to find a professional that fit his needs.

“TaskHuman can help in any aspect of my life,” he says.

Even with less mainstream needs, like training a new puppy, TaskHuman coaches can help. Sean explains how there really isn’t a topic coaches can’t handle.

“It’s a great baseline for training our new puppy. But then additionally, it’s been great to meet with coaches or health and wellness fitness instructors,” he says.

It’s easy to tell how reliable, user-friendly, and helpful the app is when you see how much growth Sean’s app use has had.

“We’ve been able to utilize the app in any aspect of our lives, from 2 times a week to 6 times a week,” Sean says.

3. Quality information

Even the most open coaches won’t help you meet your goals if their coaching isn’t based on deep knowledge and understanding of their topics. TaskHuman coaches are experts in their field, and they are excited to share that knowledge with you to help you achieve all of your dreams.

But Sean was a bit skeptical of the quality of the information at first. He was preparing for a big life event, and he needed the advice to be rock-solid. TaskHuman proved itself to him.

“Through time and through the utilization of the app, I’m really blown away by how great the professionals are,” Sean says.

Sean does have a favorite coach, though. Stephanie Meriaux’s relationship expertise has made her invaluable to Sean and his fiancee.

“Stephanie Meriaux has been wonderful with relating with us and showing us how we can have a successful marriage moving forward,” he says.

If you aren’t looking for relationship support, that’s ok. TaskHuman coaches can meet the needs of whatever goal you’re reaching for. Don’t be nervous to reach out to several coaches until you find the one for you.

“At first I was a skeptic when it came to making a call on the app, but really after just experiencing one call, it made it so much easier,” Sean says.

To listen to Sean’s full story, click here.

Knowing you’re investing your time with coaches who understand you and the topic you want to focus on is important. When you’re ready to get quality support for all of your goals, no matter what they are, reach out to any of our coaches for a 1:1 LIVE video call today.


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