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November 6, 2019

Meet TaskHuman Pro, Marnee

Marnee Provider Spotlight

Marnee Horesh had a lot of challenging health experiences before changing her life and finding her true calling as a professional in the health and wellness industry. From falling asleep at work, to having panic attacks in the car, to finding it impossible to eat anything without feeling sick.

It took a while before she was able to connect the dots between her lifestyle (full of stress), her diet (what she was eating was not what her body wanted) and the results showing up in her life.

As she took a really hard look at what was happening around her: low energy, unsatisfied at work, feeling overall crappy and being told “she’s fine,” she began to notice that the only way to help herself, was to help herself.


She set out on a mission to find the right doctors, the right support system and learned everything she could about the healing she needed to begin to feel better.

She used techniques such as tapping—tapping on the body’s energy meridian points with your fingertips—mindfulness, meditation and even intermittent fasting, all to lower stress, manage pain, reduce brain fog, improve her quality of sleep, become more self-aware and find her purpose.

Once she started peeling away the layers, everything began to shift. Through much trial and error—changing her diet, changing the way she exercised, implementing a morning routine—her symptoms began to clear. It was a slow process and one that required a lot of time and dedication. But what she learned has been her saving grace when it comes to helping her clients today.

Now she’s on TaskHuman to help others avoid the murky path she was on. She knows that we all have the wisdom to help ourselves discover the truest and most nourishing path for our own bodies and lifestyles. But she also learned the hard way that trying to do it all alone takes much longer and is much more frustrating than seeking help.

Your TaskHuman Specialist: Working with Marnee

Marnee is a master at cutting through the Google-verse and finding the path that works for the person, not the masses.

When you work with her, you immediately notice her patience, her calm demeanor and her attention to detail. (Some appreciate her sense of humor, but you’ll have to check that out for yourself.)

Marnee believes that managing stress, getting a good night’s sleep and eating real food leads to true wellness. She can help you solidify your goals and make a low-stress plan to crush them.

And that’s why she’s so passionate about being a coach on TaskHuman. She has an opportunity to help people all over the world discover their own truth. And she knows deep down that this is the exact type of work that makes her feel like a success.

Whether you’re seeking ideas for managing your weight loss journey, on the hunt for meal prep tips, or simply looking for a like-minded buddy to hold you accountable, she might just be your gal. There’s only one way to find out…call Marnee on TaskHuman ASAP!

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