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January 3, 2022 7 Min Read

Listen to Your Body: It’s Telling You About Your Bad Habits

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There are so many things we do everyday without deciding to do them ahead of time. Things like where we put our keys, where we shop, or how we spend our free time. Most of these routines are just habits we create to make things easier for ourselves. Many of our habits are good ones, but even good habits can become unhealthy when they start to overtake our minds or lives. The trick is knowing how to identify when a habit is becoming a bad one. Lucky for us, our bodies often know when our lives are off-balance even before we consciously recognize it. You need to listen to your body: it’s telling you about your bad habits. While everyone is unique and may have different signals, there are some cues lots of people share. 

If you notice any of these four signs in yourself, your body might be trying to tell you that you’re overdoing it with a particular routine, and it could be time to implement some changes. Here are the four signs:

You Sleep Poorly

Good sleep is often the “canary in the coal mine” for our other systems. When we’re stressed, eat poorly, or don’t get enough exercise, our sleep can go haywire. Worse, even when we do sleep enough, we might not feel rested when we wake up. For TaskHuman Coach Stefan Ivanovic, poor sleep is the first sign of other bad habits creeping in. He explains here:

You Are Obsessed

Not being able to stop a habit is a pretty clear sign it’s turning into a bad one. Even seemingly harmless habits, like checking our phones, can start to rob us of our independence from the habit. Always thinking about, or constantly engaging in the activity are signals from your body that you’re spending too much time and energy engaged in that activity. Coach Haley Smith knows her tendency to constantly reach for her phone to scroll social media (or for no particular reason at all) can easily become a bad habit. Haley describes her situation here:

You Have Low Energy

A clear sign from your body that your habit is a bad one is if you have no, or low, energy after you’ve done the activity. Ideally our routines should help us feel more energetic. They should fill us up. And if we’re not 100% there, they should at least keep us in a neutral state. Maybe they don’t add to our lives, but they don’t take anything away either. Bad habits suck our energy levels dry. We are more lethargic, unmotivated, and spiritless. Coach Anita Steele uses her energy levels as the first sign of imbalance in her habits. She outlines her thoughts in this video: 

You Have a Bad Attitude

If you’ve consistently been less than your beautiful, vibrant self for awhile, and there’s no medical diagnosis connected, your bad attitude may be a signal from your body that you’re out of synch with what you really need. When we indulge in bad habits, it’s easier for us to make poor choices in other areas too. This domino effect can cause several parts of our lives to be off-balance. For Coach Sasha Williams, the feeling of “floating through life” is her first sign that she needs to reevaluate what she’s spending her time doing. Sasha describes her signs of being off-balance here:

If you think you have some bad habits (most of us do!), remember to give yourself some grace. We’re all human and we’ve all made mistakes! To get support in overcoming your bad habits, or to receive help in determining if your “good” habit has turned “bad,” reach out to a TaskHuman Coach. They’re ready to help you listen to your body and overcome those habits, so you can regain your dynamic spirit.


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