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May 4, 2023 3 Min Read

Instill a Commitment to Act

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Commitment To Act


Did you know that 60% of enterprise sales opportunities end without a decision? Inspiring customers to take action is a crucial aspect of success for enterprise account managers. More than ever, it’s important for sales professionals to find their customer’s critical reason to act and drive commitment in order to gain business value. In this article, we explore key actions and behaviors experienced account managers take to build that commitment to act. 


The Limitations Of Providing Insights

While providing valuable insights to customers is essential, it’s not enough to guarantee a sale. Insights are only as valuable as the actions they inspire. With the abundance of information available today, customers can easily become overwhelmed. Instead of just presenting data about your product’s efficiency, Coach Bernie Uche recommends showing your customers how implementing your solution can address their business, technical and maybe even personal pains. Show them the value they will gain from new optimized processes compared to how they do things today, then invite them to explore these benefits in a personalized demo. He challenges his clients to think about how they can connect their insights to customer value in a way that ensures they act. 


Being Specific With Customer Requests 

To encourage customers to act, salespeople must be specific about what they’re asking for. Clearly defining the desired action or outcome, breaking down complex tasks into smaller, manageable steps, and providing actionable guidance and resources can make all the difference. Simplicity is the key to motivating action. An example of being specific with customer requests would be asking them to review a specific feature of your product and provide feedback within a week, rather than vaguely requesting their opinion on the overall solution.  How can you make your customer requests easier for your customer to execute? 


Creating A Sense Of Urgency

Establishing a sense of urgency can propel customers to take action. By highlighting the potential negative consequences of inaction and emphasizing the benefits and competitive advantages of acting promptly, salespeople can inspire customers to move forward. When working with clients, Coach Bernie Uche suggests his clients utilize use case studies and success stories, such as social proof. Social proof allows customers to see how others have found value in implementing your solutions. These tangible and verifiable use cases should inspire customers to act in order to gain the same value others have. To create a sense of urgency, you could present data that shows how early adopters of your product have seen significant returns on investment, and emphasize that delaying implementation may result in lost opportunities to outperform competitors.  What are some of the ways you have seen other salespeople create urgency with their customers? 


Establish A Mutual Commitment To Action 

It’s essential to establish a mutual commitment to action between the salesperson and the customer. This involves clearly defining the next steps and expectations for both parties, agreeing on a timeline and milestones for progress, and creating a sense of accountability through regular check-ins and updates. Accountability is a powerful motivator and when both parties are committed to action, it creates a strong foundation for success. A concrete way to establish mutual commitment to action is to co-create a mutual action plan with your customer, outlining key milestones, deadlines, and responsibilities for both parties, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process. 



In conclusion, transforming insights into meaningful action is the ultimate goal for enterprise salespeople. By being specific with customer requests, creating a sense of urgency, and establishing a mutual commitment to action, sales professionals can inspire their customers to act and drive business growth. Remember, refining your approach and continuously improving is essential for long-term success. Consider reaching out to a sales coach to help you put the insights from this article into action and take your sales career to new heights. 


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