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January 17, 2020

Improve Your Eating Habits with Coach Katie Bishop

Katie Bishop

Katie’s Journey:

Katie Bishop grew up dreaming of being a doctor but was always obsessed with nutrition. When she realized nutrition wasn’t a big focus in medical school, she shifted direction and ultimately found her calling. Using her background, combined with a focus on behavior change and healthy eating, resulted in a path to helping people on her terms. And she loves it. 

And now she’s on TaskHuman to help you find your way to your greatest potential.

Katie’s Coaching Style: 

Katie will help you solidify your goals, and clarify why they’re important to you and what it means if you accomplish them. As your coach, helping you take that first step is her forte. You’ll walk away understanding how your eating habits impact your quality of life, and you won’t even realize how much work you’ve already done. That is, until you notice how much your everyday life has improved.

Whether you’re seeking help with clean eating, need tips on meal prep, or are simply curious about mindful eating, Katie might just be the TaskHuman coach for you.

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