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January 27, 2020

How TaskHuman helped this Navy Spouse Rediscover her Strength and Resilience


Relocating to the West Coast was a challenging transition for Navy spouse, Tiffany Taylor. She felt isolated and overwhelmed.

As the “glue of the family,” she became concerned when she felt she was going from her usual “Gorilla Glue” self to a plain old “glue stick.” She recognized the goals she set for herself while on the East Coast were not going to translate perfectly for the West Coast. The transition was becoming more of a transformation, which requires motivation, energy and focus.

Despite living in paradise and having incredible support from family, friends, and the military community; Tiffany was neglecting self-care.

Enter: TaskHuman

Being able to use a simple app on her own time allowed Tiffany to:

  • Get back to moving her body
  • Calm her mind
  • Talk through goals
  • Increase her capacity to set new goals
  • Regain her confidence

Tiffany was instantly drawn to the functionality of TaskHuman. With the app, this busy mom could build her dream team of top wellness coaches, via 1:1 live video calls, at the time and place that worked best for her busy schedule.

At first, Tiffany spent time on TaskHuman exploring various coaches until she found the ones that worked best for her personality, lifestyle and goals. She could choose from coaches who focused on physical fitness, mindset work or life transitions in general.

No matter what she needed, the TaskHuman app delivered.

All she had to do was open the app, find her favorite pro for whatever topic she was after, and get it all done in the moment.

No longer did she have to worry about shifting schedules, planning outfits, childcare, or any other barrier that might get between her and taking care of herself.

Most importantly, she no longer felt the isolation that’s easy to fall into when you’re a military spouse. Especially when your spouse is deployed, and daycare is not always a realistic option.

She was reminded of her strength and her resilience. She was getting back to that Gorilla Glue strength she used to have.

Today, Tiffany has a team of about 5 coaches that she goes to for specific needs, but is always eager to add more pros to her team.

Before TaskHuman? She was feeling lost. She wanted to feel in control.

And now?

The sky’s the limit.

Tiffany talks about her journey below:

How different would your life be if you could have on-demand support for fitness, mindset work and navigating life’s transitions?

Tons of TaskHuman pros are available now for 1:1 live video calls at the time and place that works best for you. In just a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to getting all the support you need.


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