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June 3, 2020

How TaskHuman Helped Busy Working Mom Have a Holistic Approach to Wellness

A busy working mom with a holistic approach to her health and wellness.

When people invest in something, especially related to their health, it can be hard to know if they’re making the “right” choice. Will it be what they want? Will it provide value? Will they even use it?

Meet Gayathri

Busy working-mom, Gayathri, had the same questions when she was thinking about using TaskHuman for the first time. She wasn’t sure if one video-based app could really deliver support on so many of her health & wellness needs. But she decided it was worth a try.

While Gayathri was initially hesitant about using a video platform, she was willing to try TaskHuman due to the 1:1 live sessions, which would be personalized for her and at a time that fit her on-the-go schedule. 

Thanks to a handful of successful calls, Gayathri is now one of TaskHuman’s strongest users—working with a diverse network of wellness providers at least 3 times a week. Now, all she has to do is make one simple purchase of TaskHuman minutes at her convenience, which go towards video calls with ANY coach she chooses to work with.

With one app, she’s able to focus on a variety of self-care activities, such as Pilates, strength training, and HIIT. Not to mention, Gayathri uses the app to fine-tune her nutrition approach, and even tackle her seasonal allergies.

How does one app deliver such a comprehensive list of support to users? It’s the diverse network of coaches.

Dream Team of Wellness Coaches

Gayathri wanted to partner with wellness coaches who were able to meet her where she was and push her to her highest potential.

This is where TaskHuman coaches excel.

They understand the human part of the equation. And they build their ongoing personal relationship with their clients to fully understand what they need—making themselves readily available via the in-app chat and video call features. They provide the guidance, motivation and accountability that can only be achieved through LIVE video coaching. 

For Gayathri, it is the flexibility and responsiveness of the coaches that makes the biggest impact. She consistently works with Clarissa Pyles, a Texas-based military spouse, for Pilates and strength-training, and Laurie Angress, a Southern California-based self-care master, for yoga.

“Anytime I have tightness or want to meditate, I go to Laurie. She’s really good. And Clarissa is my go-to for Pilates and strength-training. She’s really awesome. There are days where I’ve woken up with a headache… and didn’t want to do hard-core jumping stuff. She would adapt to mat-work. Keep it light. It was a great way to start the day.”

Part of building a relationship with a strong coach is also developing goals specific to YOU. A TaskHuman coach knows how to scaffold your focus and training to help you get to your destination effectively.

A Well-Rounded Wellness Approach

“From a fitness standpoint, I have completely enjoyed working with coaches like Clarissa and Laurie. They have created a sense of… better understanding of my body and knowing how to work with it.”

Gayathri’s 1:1 work with TaskHuman coaches has not only helped her crush her wellness goals, but has given her some positive results that she didn’t even know she needed…

“From a nutritional standpoint, I actually suffer from seasonal allergies, and one of the coaches has helped me through recommendations in terms of diet, and now I’m no longer having to take any allergy medications.”

It is the diverse offerings, 1:1 coaching, and availability of the coaches that drew Gayathri to the app, but it is the value that makes her such an avid user. She describes her experience with the app as “holistic.” And leaning-in to that integrated health approach is a long-term way of taking care of her health and wellbeing.

Gayathri enjoys having the TaskHuman coaches’ ongoing support, and loves the meaningful connections she’s built with them. Having access to supportive professionals in one platform gives her the ability to make positive changes to her health and to truly have a wellness dream-team, right in her back pocket.

Another key feature of Gayathri’s positive experience is the responsiveness of TaskHuman’s Customer Service. They are quick, communicative and can always help her in real-time—whenever she may need them.

Investing in yourself can feel frivolous if you aren’t used to it. But time spent focusing on self-care and personal growth will return your investment. Just like it did for Gayathri.

Get inspired by Gayathri’s story here:

If you’re ready to make positive changes to your day-to-day wellness approach, schedule a 1:1 LIVE video consultation with a TaskHuman coach today. 


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