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January 25, 2022 5 Min Read

Here’s Why You Should Get Excited About Personal Change

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Does change make you nervous, or do you welcome it with open arms? Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Whatever your answer is, feeling anxious about your impending personal development and the changes in your life because of it can become a roadblock to your growth. Rather than letting your anxiety sabotage your progress because you feel more comfortable doing what you’ve done before, try to feel excitement about your changes. Sure, change can be difficult, but looking for reasons to be excited about the change can make it easier—or even fun!

1. The Excitement of Possibilities

For TaskHuman Coach Amy Glogg, personal growth, and change are exciting because she focuses on the possibilities that are now open to her. She sees her new self in relation to her past self and understands that more growth is possible if she wants. The act of changing into someone she didn’t know she could be excites her. 

2. The Excitement of New People

Changing ourselves sometimes means changing the group of people we associate with. Even if we’ve made small changes and not a major overhaul, we likely have a new group of people in our social circle. Leaning into the fun of making new friends excites Coach Casey Kucsera. He loves that improving his lifestyle leads him to meet new people and learn new perspectives.

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3. The Excitement of Life

The excitement of life is what motivates Coach Manoj Kunnath Unnikrishnan to make personal growth changes. Moving toward our next development moment with hope and excitement is a “driving force” for Manoj. By believing in ourselves and looking forward with curiosity, we can feel excitement for the changes we’ve made and those that are yet to come.

If you’re not feeling excited about your personal growth changes yet, that’s ok. Schedule a 1:1 call with a TaskHuman coach today to get a new perspective on the growth you’ve made and what possibilities there are. TaskHuman specialists are ready to support your development and help you crush your goals.


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