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August 25, 2020

Graduate School Student Reprioritizes Wellness During Pandemic

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During the global pandemic, Tridib Saha—a graduate student at Purdue University School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Purdue ECE)—found himself practicing habits that did not align with his wellness goals. He stopped exercising, ate unhealthy foods, and gained weight while sheltering in place. He knew he needed to change his habits and refocus on his health, but didn’t know where to start—until he was introduced to TaskHuman through a partnership with his university department.

When he got the news about Purdue ECE’s launch of TaskHuman through email and social media, Tridib decided that it was time to make wellness a priority—especially since he could make unlimited video calls to live wellness pros at no cost to him, right from the app.

After downloading the app, Tridib was off to the races and started browsing through the wellness coaches and topics featured on the app. With so many coaches available, he was able to narrow down the coaches he wanted to talk to based on his personal wellness needs and goals.

Reprioritizing wellness

Like many of us during the pandemic, Tridib lost some self-discipline and found himself heavier and less productive than he wanted to be. And even though he knew what he needed to do, he also knew he needed quality, individualized support to help him get on track.

“I knew over the quarantine, I’d gained a lot of weight and had been unproductive, so I wanted to get things in order. [This resource] motivated me,” Tridib says. “That was the reason I made the first call. And once I made the first call, it was amazing. I got things started, and the rest of the calls followed from that.”

It may have been PurdueECE providing the free resource that pushed Tridib to try TaskHuman, but it is the quality of support that he gets from his coaches that keeps him coming back.

Dream-team of coaches

After making video calls and in-app chats with several coaches, Tridib found two that fit his needs, personality, and schedule best.

Now, Tridib works with Coach Lionel King on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts regularly from home. Tridib loves King’s ability to lead him 1:1 through energizing workouts right from the comfort of his home, and at the pace that he prefers. Coach Lionel knows how to mix up the workouts to keep Tridib interested and engaged. And it’s working. He has already lost weight, and Tridib can tell that he’s getting stronger too.

In addition to Coach Lionel, Tridib works with Coach Laura Gardner on other important self-care topics, such as productivity and sleep.

“Laura has good techniques on productivity or improving sleep. So she is a good help for habit changes and clean eating,” he says.

“I would definitely recommend those two. [They] are my favorites,” he says.

Consistency is key

Tridib found that working with Coach Lionel several times a week and Coach Laura several times a month keeps him on track and motivated to keep up with his goals.

“I have used the app at least 3-4 times per week, especially for HIIT exercises at home,” says Tridib. “Every week or bi-weekly, I use the app for getting updated on things like habit changes, or… to start something new, like intermittent fasting” says Tridib.

The regular sessions give Tridib the momentum he needs to reach his goals – and he’s making some serious progress along the way.

Crushing goals

Once Tridib chose his dream team of TaskHuman coaches to work with regularly, he began to see immediate progress toward his goals. And after just one month, Tridib has lost a whopping 11 pounds by consistent exercise and managing his diet, and has no signs of slowing down.

“I lost 11 pounds over the one month. So that is a great achievement. I did that through intermittent fasting and through High Intensity Interval Training at home,” he says.

Tridib also improved his stamina and overall wellbeing. He believes TaskHuman is the key to these standout changes.

“Thumbs up to them and thumbs up to TaskHuman!”

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The standout difference

One of the biggest game changers for Tridib was the trusting relationship he built with his coaches. Those strong connections pushed him to continue when his motivation was low. It was more than just having consistent sessions with his coaches, it was the real rapport he has built with them that kept him going.

It was “them keeping track of me and asking ‘Hey, how are you doing?’” Tridib says. “It’s someone who’s also thinking about you other than yourself.”

The takeaway

Even after just one month of working with TaskHuman coaches, Tridib believes the app is what sparked his positive changes.

And any nervousness about working with a coach on personal wellness goals can quickly be overcome after breaking the ice and making the first call.

“People who are hesitant, make the… call,” he says. “It’s great. Everybody should use this!”

TaskHuman’s unique service is their coaches’ ability to support clients from where they are to where they want to be.

“Tell them what your problems are,” Tridib says, “Sometimes you might not even know. The pros are there to help.”

If you’re still not sure if TaskHuman is right for you, Tridib has one more piece of advice, “Imagine you’ve reached your goals. Making the call is the first step.”

To watch Tridib’s full story, click here

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