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January 8, 2020

Crush Your New Year’s Goals with Coach Joli

Joli D’ Elia

Joli’s Journey

Almost twenty years ago, Joli D’Elia began training people in her private gym. Since then, she’s been able to help people thrive in several areas of life, including pre and post natal wellness, weight loss, healthy eating, personal fitness and more.

Joli is no stranger to the wellness world, and applies her many years of experience to help you get stronger—both physically and mentally.


Joli’s Coaching Style

Joli truly enjoys every aspect of helping people find their most natural wellness path. She believes that knowing you have someone in your corner that you can trust, and who has your best interest in mind, will lead to progress that sticks.

Joli is all about being your “guide-on-the-side.” She knows that if she’s there to help you create space for strength and healing, your possibilities are endless. She’s convinced that once you find success in one part of your life, you’ll enjoy the domino effect that she can’t wait to witness.

Whether you’re seeking support around clean eating, weight loss or strength training, she might just be the TaskHuman coach for you.

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