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August 10, 2023 1 Min Read

Confluent Leadership Principle #6: Be Open & Honest

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Leaders should be open, honest, and constructive in their communication. When there is a problem, they say so, without blaming or attacking. When there is constructive feedback, they convey it promptly and in a manner that is direct but fair-minded and caring. They are equally upfront about conveying bad news or good news and retain this openness whether they are talking to the most junior intern or the CEO. They model this behavior by conveying themselves in a way that invites frank communication and debate from their team and their peers. And they encourage the same open, direct communication between their reports and other parts of the organization rather than attempting to mediate all information flow. This openness and directness builds trust in their integrity and judgment and speeds up decision-making for their teams, peers, and management.


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Reprinted with permission from Confluent, 2023

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