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October 22, 2021 11 Min Read

Angela Hubbard Stunned Her Doctor With TaskHuman’s Help


So often people in “giving” professions put themselves last on the list. They are so busy supporting everyone else in their lives that they don’t have the time or energy to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, that often leads to weight gain, poor health, and sometimes, chronic conditions.

That’s what happened to Angela Hubbard, an instructor at the nation’s largest free vocational training school for young adults, Job Corps. Since 2020, Job Corps has been offering 1:1 self-care and wellness support to its students and staff through the TaskHuman app.  Angela was introduced to TaskHuman through Job Corps right after she received a life-changing diagnosis from her doctor. She thought she’d try the app to see if it could help her at all…and boy was she right!  Here’s the full story:

1. Getting the Diagnosis

Angela was diagnosed with non-alcohol related steatohepatitis, or NASH. NASH is a fatty liver disease that causes inflammation, damage, and eventual scarring of the liver. All of the treatments included major lifestyle changes. It wasn’t the medical diagnosis that scared her. It was her need to totally change her life and eating habits that seemed impossible. 

“I felt like I was completely alone on this journey,” she said. 

2. Finding TaskHuman

A co-worker and former workout buddy of Angela’s heard about her recent diagnosis and thought TaskHuman could be helpful. So she explained what the app did, and showed her how to use it. Angela saw the app offered live access and support to professionals in every area of her life she needed to overhaul, including clean eating and exercising for beginners. She was excited because she found a support system and no longer felt alone. 

“It was just amazing to me that everything I needed was right there on TaskHuman,” Angela said. “And it wasn’t going to be as hard as I thought it was going to be. It was going to be doable.”

3. Starting the Routine

Knowing expert professionals were at her fingertips helped Angela start—and maintain—her wellness routines. She could schedule her 1:1 sessions with TaskHuman coaches around her other obligations.

“I can arrange it according to my schedule,” she said. “And I can have whatever I need set up ahead of time. I can kind of decide what my schedule is going to be for the day.”

Angela also appreciated the professionalism and punctuality of the coaches. She never had to wait for them, and they know how to help her within her time constraints.

4. Stunning Her Doctor

Angela’s commitment to her health and the expertise of her TaskHuman coaches paid off. In six months she lost 30 pounds and several inches off of her measurements.  But more than that, when she had a follow-up appointment with her doctor, her liver enzymes were within normal limits.

“The doctor said, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but continue doing it because it’s working,’” Angela said. She wasn’t planning to stop working with her TaskHuman coaches once she reached her goal either. 

“I’ll continue to work because it makes me feel so much better than I did before I started exercising, before I started dieting, and before I had that connection with another human that said, ‘We’re here for you. We’re here with you.’”

Angela may have started with TaskHuman for help. But she’s continuing to use the app because of the community and relationships she’s built. Her coaches showed just how much they cared—and continue to care—for her as a person, and not just as a consumer.

5. Sharing the Love

During her use of TaskHuman, Angela worked with several coaches, all of whom she has said are exceptional. She worked with a couple of coaches before finding Keven Brown, who coaches her in clean eating and strength training.

Angela also worked with Gordana Petrovic every morning to go through a stretching routine.

“I just love all my coaches,” she said. “They have been so encouraging. And they have been so uplifting. They have helped me accomplish my goals, as well as, held me accountable for the times when maybe I didn’t quite meet my goals.”

The coaches weren’t just there for her when she had an appointment either. They reached out to her [via chat in the app] during the week to check in and keep her on track. 

6. Using the App

One of the major benefits to the TaskHuman app is that it can go anywhere, so it eliminates excuses.  Its portability helped Angela crush her goals quickly.

“I use that app every day, seven days a week,” Angela said. “I’ve taken the app with me on vacation. I’ve taken the app with me on the road. The app goes wherever I go.”

Using the app and connecting with coaches means that no matter where life takes you, you can still have consistency and structure in reaching your wellness goals.

Ready to amplify your well-being? TaskHuman is here for you.


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