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Stress Management
Marnee Provider Spotlight

November 6, 2019

Meet TaskHuman Pro, Marnee

Marnee Horesh had a lot of challenging health experiences before changing her life and finding her true calling as a professional in the health and wellness industry. From falling asleep at work, to having panic… Read More

TaskHuman Providers

November 4, 2019

What Makes TaskHuman Coaches Unique

TaskHuman is the first app that offers you 1:1 LIVE access, via video call, to an entire digital wellness network. Our coaches specialize in 1000+ wellness topics, including stress management, strength training, clean eating… Read More

Company News

November 1, 2019

TaskHuman Origin Story

“Experience is the best teacher.” Julius Caesar is credited with coining the earliest version of this phrase, but it still rings very true today. We all have meaningful wellness goals in life that can be… Read More

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