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May 23, 2024

Understanding & Supporting Neurodiversity In The Professional Sphere

Understanding Neurodiversity Neurodiversity celebrates the natural variation in human neurocognitive functioning. This concept emphasizes that individuals experience and interact with the world in diverse ways, with no single “right”… Read More

Women's Health and Coaching

May 16, 2024

A Comprehensive Guide to Women’s Health Support and Coaching on TaskHuman

As women over 50 continue to comprise one of the fastest-growing segments in the workforce, it’s crucial to recognize the unique challenges they may face, particularly concerning menopause. Read More

Remote Workers

April 19, 2024

Remote Work & Flexibility Leads HR Strategy In 2024 

Remote work will play a large part in HR’s strategy in 2024 and beyond. Current data shows that workers like working from home. And more companies are expanding their workforce schedules to include… Read More

Communication Tips to Help Employees Through Life Changes

April 1, 2024

Communication Tips to Help Employees Through Life Changes

Managers can struggle to find the right words to support a team member going through significant change. Even if the change is positive, its dramatic impact on the individual still elicits mixed emotions… Read More

Critical thinking woman

March 7, 2024

Navigating Employee Benefits in 2024: A Proactive Approach from TaskHuman 

TaskHuman is at the forefront of shaping the future of employee well-being offerings with a proactive and hands-on approach. In our commitment to providing valuable insights, we explore three key themes that are actively… Read More

Coaching Through Times of Personal Change

February 9, 2024

Coaching Through Times of Personal Change

Most HR professionals understand that a lot can change throughout the lifecycle of any single employee. Employees can go through many ups and downs of different magnitudes during their term. Today’s Workers likely… Read More

Support and Enable Employees Facing Health Challenges

February 2, 2024

Support and Enable Employees Facing Health Challenges

American Hospital Association estimates that 133 million Americans – nearly half the population – suffer from at least one chronic illness, such as hypertension, arthritis, heart disease and stroke, cancer, or diabetes. The… Read More

employee engagement

September 29, 2023

Boosting Connection in a Changing Work Landscape 

In today’s ever-evolving work environment, characterized by remote work, hybrid models, and changing workplace dynamics, fostering employee engagement is more critical than ever. As we adapt to new work setups, it’s essential to recognize that… Read More

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