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New Hire Guide

A New Hire’s Guide To TaskHuman

A New Hire’s Guide To TaskHuman

Congratulations on the new role! TaskHuman is your new employee wellness benefit provided by your company. We’re here to provide you with an incredible wellness resource to better your mind, body, and spirit.

Let’s get you up to speed on who we are, how TaskHuman works, how to get started, and your quick curriculum on utilizing TaskHuman throughout your first week on the job!

About Us

Get to know our vision

TaskHuman is determined to connect billions of people to amplify their daily, work, and personal lives via personalized guided 1:1 video calls. We pride ourselves on establishing relationships, facilitating the exchange of ideas, and making impactful personal growth accessible to everyone.

We organize the world’s personal experiences adding value to billions of lives through the following factors:

Access no matter where customers or specialists are in the world

The resources required for personal learning and growth

An environment conducive to personal learning and growth

Access when customers need it 24/7

Clear paths to customer learning and growth goals

Connection to 3 billion+ people

Who Are We?

We’re your new favorite mobile app

Sometimes, we all need a little help to develop strategies for managing stress, staying active and being mindful in our day to day lives.

With TaskHuman, instantly connect 24/7 to a global catalog of coaches. TaskHuman provides personalized video calls with coaches covering topics like physical fitness, mental wellbeing, spiritual, emotional, financial, life & leadership coaching, and 100s of additional topics covering every aspect of your personal and professional life.

We’re your new favorite mobile app

Real Users Amplified

battery drained preventing burnout

Starting a new job can be overwhelming and stressful. Explore TaskHuman’s 1:1 sessions on how to identify, reverse and prevent burnout.

Prevent Burnout

man with clock behind him

Work stress has invaded the home, blurring the boundaries between work and home life. Enhance your ability to best manage your time with coaching on prioritizing, organization, and delegation.

Improve Productivity

white stick figure running with blue background

We offer a wide range of home workouts you can incorporate into your daily routine, from creating healthier routines, reducing stress, and improving motivation.

Be Physically Fit

develop healthy habits

Our coaches encourage healthy eating behaviors and empower you to take responsibility for your own health while reducing medical costs for the employer.

Develop Healthy Habits

Handle Tough Situations

TaskHuman coaches provide support during difficult times like death, family troubles, and termination to help throughout any grieving process you find yourself in.

Handle Tough Situations

Resolve Conflicts

Become better equipped to recognize problems, ask questions, and devise solutions before the issues become time-wasters and larger issues.

Resolve Conflicts

Motivate Yourself & Others

Coaches help you work through problems in your life and help you to motivate others. They will assist with goal-setting strategies with a focus on long-term outcomes.

Motivate Yourself & Others

Engage Global Teams

With global teams, team building is more important than ever. TaskHuman offers unlimited group sessions to keep you and your company energized, engaged, and connected.

Engage Global Teams

Be Financially Secure

Learn how to best manage your financial situation and understand how it affects your stress levels and overall mental and physical health. Coaches assist in proper management and long-term goals.

Be Financially Secure

Success in a remote world

Learn what to expect going back to work or working remotely, how to best manage expectations, and how to be most productive.

Success in a remote world

How It Works

Your Next Steps

Download our app within the App Store or Google Play Store. Enter in your code for unlimited access.

Dive into over 800 wellness categories and explore topics that fit your needs and interests

Start calling! All coaches are available in real time for LIVE 1:1 personalized video calls.

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