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February 9, 2022

Make Onboarding your Most Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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Onboarding can be a nightmare for fast-growing companies. Even those that have a process are nailing the mechanics, but ignoring the soft elements that truly matter to people. Not only do they matter, they’re the glue that keeps employees from leaving.


Onboarding is more than just making a few introductions and getting paperwork signed. Your new hire wants to feel like they matter to the organization. Companies that can effectively immerse a newcomer into their mission, culture and spirit of personal dedication will get higher yields in terms of their loyalty and productivity.


High growth companies are often new, disruptive players in their space, which is attractive to trail blazers looking to be a part of something impacting. But new companies can’t always offer the big benefit packages that large established corporations can. The good news is, more people are looking for support in other ways than a traditional benefit package offers.


That’s where TaskHuman comes in. We can help you round out the onboarding process through 1:1 personalized coaching sessions, so that in 90 days, you’ve got a fully functioning evangelist whether your team works on-site, remotely, or in a hybrid model.



Help new hires fully understand their role.

A job description is not enough to prepare a new hire for success. After they review their list of expectations, they need to understand the most effective ways to achieve these directives. Instead of leaving it up to trial and error, which can cost in terms of low productivity, mistakes, and lost rapport among teams, why not provide a place for your new employee to learn intricacies of their trade from multiple perspectives? Employees can hear from experienced professionals in their field who have already learned what it takes to accomplish set objectives. They can talk through the steps that lead to successful outcomes and help employees avoid doing things that have derailed others in their shoes. Your own senior staff can be available to consult with new hires on the TaskHuman platform. This peer to peer support is essential in the beginning for new employees to gain speed and grow their sense of belonging.



Build effective leaders.

TaskHuman helps new hires in leadership roles get the one-on-one coaching they need to effectively lead their teams. Through regular, confidential meetings with a seasoned leadership coach, new leaders can overcome imposter syndrome and gain the skills to inspire the best in their direct reports. Experienced leaders joining your team can continue to grow and discover areas where they can improve. Perhaps they might sharpen their communication skills. In today’s changing workplace, the most effective leaders understand the different communication styles of their team members and know how to tailor their own style to make sure their message is heard and acted upon. Great leaders are equipped with ‘soft skills’ like emotional resilience, active listening, giving reviews, and having tough conversations. TaskHuman leadership coaches can help newly hired leaders at any stage in their careers identify where they need coaching the most.



Show your commitment.

If retaining employees was hard in 2019, the landscape has only intensified. 2022’s job market is full of professionals that are much more aware and in touch with what matters to them. Although your company’s objectives should remain a priority, at the heart of being able to achieve them is a healthy team. An extensive Gallup report found that having unhappy, discontent employees costs U.S. companies up to $550 Billion in lost productivity.


“Healthy” will look different to each individual you bring on. TaskHuman gives employers a way to serve their workforce in diverse ways that support their individual needs not only professionally, but personally as well. Experts in health and well-being, family dynamics, and different hobbies are available on-demand with LIVE coaches to help your employees explore personal fulfillment that quantifiably manifests itself in company loyalty and productivity.


HR is often the last to know when an employee hasn’t met a personal expectation and it’s usually in the form of a resignation letter. But you can swim upstream to help your people engage their passions and solve difficult problems before they look somewhere else for fulfillment.


TaskHuman wants 2022 to be a remarkable year for your company and the individuals that join your ranks. Let us partner with you to avoid missing the mark on these key criteria that spell long term success.

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