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Updated: August 19, 2022

Third Party Provider Terms

Key Definitions

“TaskHuman Business Partner Organization” or “Sponsor” is an external organization that contracts with TaskHuman to utilize its platform and services. This includes services relating to placing its employees, contractors, volunteers, students, alumni, or other affiliates on the TaskHuman Platform to share knowledge to specific users related to the external organization.


“Third Party Knowledge Provider” is an individual who is an employee, contractor, student, alumna/us, volunteer, or other affiliate of a TaskHuman Business Partner Organization, who shares their knowledge on the TaskHuman Platform.


“TaskHuman Discovery Call” means an initial call made by a Knowledge Seeker to a Third Party Knowledge Provider under a single specified topic. The same Knowledge Seeker may connect with the same Third Party Knowledge Provider, under a different single specified topic and it will still be considered a different TaskHuman Discovery Call.


“TaskHuman Re-Engagement Call” means a subsequent call made by a Knowledge Seeker to a Third Party Knowledge Provider, following a TaskHuman Discovery Call under a single specified topic.


“TaskHuman Direct Call” means an initial call made by a Knowledge Seeker to a Third Party Knowledge Provider, which exceeds the length of a TaskHuman Discovery Call.


Modification of Terms

TaskHuman reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time in accordance with this provision. For any subsequent changes we make to these  Terms, we will post the revised Terms on the TaskHuman Platform and update the “Last Updated Date” at the top of these Terms or provide you notice by email. If you disagree with the revised terms, you may terminate this agreement (and related agreements) with immediate effect. If you do not terminate the Agreement, before the date the revised terms become effective, your continued use of TaskHuman will constitute full acceptance of the revised terms. All revisions supersede prior Terms in conflict herewith.


Third Party Knowledge Provider Relationship With TaskHuman

As a Third Party Knowledge Provider, you understand and agree that (1) you are not an employee or independent contractor of TaskHuman, (2) your provision of knowledge on the TaskHuman Platform is being provided without any expectation of remuneration in any form whatsoever from TaskHuman, including any rights or benefits that would accompany employment or other engagement by TaskHuman, (3) you are not covered by or eligible for any TaskHuman insurance, health care, worker’s compensation, or other benefits, (4) you are utilizing the TaskHuman Platform in connection with your role or relationship with a TaskHuman Business Partner Organization, and that in the event of your termination or departure from that TaskHuman Business Partner Organization, or otherwise at the discretion of the TaskHuman Business Partner Organization, your account may be terminated, (5) that TaskHuman does not, and shall not be deemed to direct, supervise, monitor, or control you generally in connection with your sharing of knowledge, are any other acts or omissions, (6) that TaskHuman will not prescribe or specify the frequency, time or location relating to your sharing of knowledge on the platform, (7) that TaskHuman will not provide any material, supplies, or equipment related to your sharing of knowledge on the platform, (8) that you accept full responsibility and liability for the content of information provided to Knowledge Seekers or other Users and any interactions you may have with Knowledge Seekers or other Users, (9) and you accept that they may be subject to administrative, civil, and/or criminal penalties for sharing of information, acts, or omissions that violate federal, state, and local laws and regulations.


Third Party Knowledge Provider Representations, Warranties, and Agreements

By sharing knowledge as a Third Party Knowledge Provider on the TaskHuman Platform, you represent, warrant, and agree that:


  1. You are knowledgeable regarding the subject matter you are agreement to share;
  2. You will not provide any guidance to individuals where you do not have the appropriate licenses, approvals, or authority to do so;
  3. You will not provide any services relating to the practice of medicine and/or counseling care, as defined herein, or that reasonably may be construed as such by a Knowledge Seeker. If a Knowledge Seeker solicits medical advice or counseling care, you must direct the Knowledge Seeker to seek information from their physician or other qualified healthcare provider.  Failure to do so is a violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and may subject you to administrative, civil and/or criminal liability; and
  4. You will not demand any cash or compensation directly from a Knowledge Seeker.


Third Party Knowledge Provider Verification

TaskHuman may require, at its discretion, for Third Party Knowledge Providers to meet certain conditions, such as completing a verification process, prior to enabling the Third Party Knowledge Provider’s account.


Third Party Knowledge Provider Licenses to TaskHuman

Third Party Knowledge Provider Licenses are covered in our User Media Submissions Agreement.


Third Party Knowledge Provider Call Payment Waiver

As a Third Party Knowledge Provider, you are agreeing to waive payment for any Discovery Calls, Re-Engagement Calls, or Direct Calls you may receive and service on the TaskHuman Platform.

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