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March 25, 2022

Renaissance of Work Culture: Essential Reboarding Tactics

Renaissance of Work Culture: Essential Reboarding Tactics

The Covid-19 Pandemic may have exposed an underlying sickness in organizational culture, making reboarding employees challenging for some companies. Firms across the country pivoted to remote work on a few weeks of notice in 2020, but getting them back into the office has been a slow grind. Companies in especially hard-hit industries like hospitality and retail lost much of their workforce to layoffs, and getting them back presents a unique set of challenges around shift work and part-time pay. But many other firms across the board are still losing employees now, even while offering remote and hybrid workplace flexibility. It seems that higher numbers of salaried staff members are choosing to leave in search of other income avenues. It’s not fear of infection that holds workers back at this point. People are returning to church, attending sports games, and going to concerts.

It might be easy to blame employees’ reluctance to re-engage on their laziness. But the fact is, human beings are engaging in other intensive effort areas. Volunteering is up. 85% of nonprofits report at least double the number of volunteer inquiries since the pandemic started. So is home- improvement and fitness activity among Americans. What keeps workers from re-engaging is a feeling of dread that comes with the thought.

Poor workplace culture causes dread, and commuting flexibility or office perks like free meals and bring-your-dog-to-work-day will not make up for unhealthy or toxic workplace culture. Companies that are struggling to retain and engage employees should take a close look at the workplace culture, or they could risk imploding. They’ll need to understand what it’s like for employees to work there and identify what needs to change to improve their culture and keep their teams intact. Because the first people to leave an unhealthy workplace culture are the best ones. It doesn’t have to happen.

What Makes a Good Workplace Culture?

Companies with healthy cultures didn’t have any problems welcoming workers back to the in-person office as safety allowed. Employees were excited to return. And retention levels are still high for these firms. Their teams working in person or remotely in these organizations are productive and engaged. People want to work there. Wouldn’t it be great if every company could get on board with cultivating excellent workplace culture as a critical component to its success? Here are four things healthy organizations have in common:

  1. Cohesive leadership – no office politics
  2. Clear direction and mission
  3. High degrees of morale and productivity
  4. High retention of top talent

TaskHuman’s 1:1 coaching platform is improving the organizational culture for companies that want to meet their reboarding and attrition challenges head-on. The platform supports internal efforts to strengthen all four organizational health indicators so they can make fast gains and start to see the results of their cultural rehabilitation as soon as possible. Expert coaches on the TaskHuman platform offer leaders and managers a treasure trove of culture-impacting advice, extensive support materials, and on-demand guidance. Coaches can cradle the key organization’s influencers and help them bring about meaningful change, even if it requires a change in their deeply ingrained habits and personal qualities. TaskHuman’s business coaches can also help leadership teams get crystal clear on their core mission and values, as well as help them better communicate these to their teams. Group sessions are available for key influencers to work exclusively on solidifying their mission and values.

One of the biggest and most immediate impacts that TaskHuman coaches can help to bring about is with regard to employee morale and productivity. When companies make the TaskHuman coaching platform available to every member of the company, not just higher ranks of leadership, they can instantly offer employees at every phase of their career and life the support they need to perform well and move forward. TaskHuman has expert coaches for sales and management, efficiency, stress and anxiety, health and wellness, family dynamics, industry-specific career development, and more. In one critical move, a company can turn its workforce’s trajectory from blase to blazing. Employees can take advantage of highly personalized coaching when they can fit it into their schedule and gain a new sense of hope and connectedness to their employer, who cares enough about them to provide them with TaskHuman as a resource.

The TaskHuman coaching platform offers a level of objectivity that can move the needle, perhaps faster than someone internally appointed to address workplace culture issues. TaskHuman’s coaches keep conversations private and people feel safe to address their weaknesses honestly, whereas internally driven conversations could take months or years to bring the protective walls down. Trust is critical for developing functional, healthy, and immersive organizational culture. A quicker way to make high trust a reality in suffering workplace cultures is to get employees at every level engaging honestly with expert coaches in an exclusive, 1:1 setting where self-reflection can happen free from peer scrutiny. That can get the ball rolling for every employee to make meaningful personal changes, resulting in higher trust across the organization that evolves faster and more organically.

The Bottom Line on Culture

In 2022, organizational culture is critical for getting people back to work. It’s not about entitlement. While people are engaging in other areas like going to restaurants and basketball games, they’re not returning to work because it doesn’t feel good to be there. Organizations that want better results in onboarding and retention have to improve the organization’s health and stop blaming employees. If the NBA or NFL were at 20% capacity, they wouldn’t blame the fans; they would create a better product. Organizations can deploy TaskHuman to enhance or repair their culture right now.

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