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May 27, 2022

Lead, Don’t Rescue your Sales Team

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There are many reasons that sales managers and sales leaders end up being heroes while their teams underperform. The role of sales leader has always been a job with high expectations, but it’s an especially tough game right now. Sales leaders are under a ton of pressure to hit their numbers in the middle of an impending recession and the largest labor shortage in U.S. history. In the face of challenges, some sales leaders forgo the work of hiring, coaching, and developing their team over time, and step in to make sure they meet short-term revenue expectations for their company.

Some sales leaders continue to toe the line themselves because they have not made the mindset shift from hero sales producer to winning through their team. They likely received their promotion to a managerial role by producing top numbers. However, the individually competitive nature that served them well in the producer role is getting in the way of their ability to train and guide others to achieve victories of their own.

Another reason sales managers carry their team to the quota is simply because they never see anything different. Too often, sales teams lack great sales leaders who can groom the next generation. Sales managers do what was done to them and repeat a fairly fruitless cycle that leads to low retention of salespeople and the sales manager’s imminent burnout.

Whatever the reason, continuing to take on the producer’s job shoots a sales leader in the foot. There is a much higher-yielding management model that enables sales managers to guide high-performing teams even in volatile markets and rising inflation. Sales managers must commit to winning through their team to get higher yields. It requires a bit of humility and an appreciation for the longer-term strategy. Of course, short-term revenue goals are essential for the company to remain viable. Still, it makes sense to build growth-minded strategies that sales managers can explain to their higher-ups as a means of longer-term gains. Longer-term sales team strategies are more reliable and sustainable, even in an uncertain economic climate.

Transform Yourself and Your Team with Sales Leadership Coaching

The sales leadership coaches are some of the strongest difference makers on TaskHuman’s coaching platform. The results can be life-changing when they work with a sales manager to adopt proven strategies for winning through their team. Sales managers everywhere are coping with high stress levels that can have alarming implications on their health and the health of their families. Sales “heroes” are doing the work of many while their sales team goofs off and never fully matures.

Even if the hero sales manager isn’t suffering, their team is. Especially in the case where there’s an ego-driven sales hero in charge, the team members likely feel deflated and insignificant. They don’t want to be there, and their stress eats at them, negatively impacting their health and home life.

That’s not the story when a sales manager gets it right. TaskHuman’s sales leadership coaches change the trajectory for sales managers and the sales teams they lead to avoid the harmful effects of hero sales leadership. TaskHuman’s sales leadership coaches are extensively vetted and highly skilled in their work. They can work carefully with the sales manager in the areas of hiring, training, and developing their talent effectively. They can help sales managers unlearn bad habits and internalize good ones. For a lot of sales managers, they’ve only seen what doesn’t work. TaskHuman’s platform allows them to learn about what works for a change. Sales leadership coaches meet individually with sales managers on the manager’s schedule and can be available on-demand when their council is needed.

The Last Word

With external forces stacked against a lot of companies right now, TaskHuman offers sales managers some much-needed good news. There is enough room for sales managers to improve their leadership performance and achieve realistic financial goals. TaskHuman’s sales leadership coaches help hero sales managers discover how good it feels to win through their team. They can retire their hero jersey and learn how to guide their teams to victory, which lightens their workload and reduces harmful stress. Start today!

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