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December 17, 2020

Improve your Holiday Mindset to Combat Loneliness

The holidays are going to look different for most people this year. And that’s ok. You don’t have to like it. And that’s ok too. But putting yourself in the right mindset to enjoy whatever type of holiday you have can have a positive impact on you and help you combat loneliness.

TaskHuman providers have explained how they are going to celebrate their traditions and suggest ways for you to celebrate with loved-ones in new ways.

Focus on what you CAN do

If you plan to get together, it’s probably going to be on a smaller scale than in years past. Letting yourself grieve what can’t be and embrace what can will help you enjoy the traditions you participate in.

Listen as Provider Cassie Cottrell explains:

Part of what you can do to maintain some sense of normalcy is to make sure you’re really connecting with the people you do get to be with. In the smaller gatherings, you have more time to focus on the people that you are with. Use this time to learn more about the person you’re talking to. Connect with them on a deeper level. Strengthen your relationship, so any time apart becomes easier.

Provider Melissa Turnage explains:

Even thinking through how you “see” people will help. If you usually have a big dinner together, maybe you can still do a “drive-by dessert line.” Getting creative with how you get-together will give you the connection and keep you safe.

Provider Kelly Richardson explains:

For some people, local regulations or distance from loved-ones could prevent even small, quick get-togethers from being possible. Don’t forget that there are alternate modes of communication. And while some people have “Zoom fatigue,” joining to sing a few carols or sharing a toast might be enough connection with loved-ones to still feel special.

Provider Clarissa Pyles explains:

Let this year go

If you’re unable to get together with family or friends this holiday season, instead of seeing it as a loss, try seeing it as a time to focus on yourself and your immediate family. Use the time to recharge, reflect, and set intentions for the new year.

By eliminating expectations and realizing that not doing the same thing as every year can be good too, you allow yourself to develop a positive mindset.

Listen as Provider Marissa Podany explains:

It’s also important to remember that while the holidays may need to pass more quietly, it doesn’t mean that all festivities and cheer need to end. Yes, “Zoom fatigue” is real, but that’s mostly related to work meetings. You can still connect with family and friends for fun parts of the day.

Provider Tiffany Albury explains:

If your large holiday gathering is an event that fills you up, then consider postponing the gathering until it’s safe to do so. When being more socially active is safe again, a festive party could be just what everyone needs.

Listen as Provider Bobbie Rasmussen explains:

Maybe even scheduling time to connect with family and friends virtually is too overwhelming for you right now. That’s ok too. You can use the time to do other things that can benefit you. Finding ways to help your community or exploring a new place outdoors may be what you need as you head into the new year.

Provider Lisa Wilder-Cappoli explains:

Another important element is to allow yourself to feel your feelings. Suppressing negative emotions about the holidays will only make them bubble to the surface in other ways. Let the feelings out without letting them take over your entire season.

Keep your own physical and emotional wellness in mind. Let yourself process what is happening and decide what is best for you.

Provider Jamie Carroll explains:

This year, the holidays may be different for you. But understanding that you still have the power to control your feelings about them can help you have a positive and joyful experience. If you want to talk to a provider about how to handle the holidays this year, reach out for a 1 -on- 1 live video chat today.

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