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Guide to Capturing a Great Headshot

What is Needed: You only need your phone! Here are some tips on how to set yourself up for a good shot:

  • We recommend having another person present with you who can take the photo for you.
  • If solo, we recommend using a tripod if you have one with the capability of the phone to be placed in the portrait orientation.
  • The phone should be placed vertically with the camera lens at eye level.
  • Make sure there is sufficient distance between you and the phone so your full face and upper body is visible when taking the photo.
  • Other ways to prop your phone can be to prop it up with your laptop, stacking heavy books, etc.
  • Set the timer function on the camera allowing yourself enough time to get into position and make head/body adjustments if needed.

Tip: Always use the rear camera of your phone, as in most cases it will always provide the best resolution due to larger image sensors.

What Setting is Appropriate: We recommend using an indoor setting since those are typically the easiest to set up and are free from distractions in the background.

  • First, the environment should be quiet and non-distracting.
  • Next, find a space that has plenty of natural light from a window and a clean, plain background that is clutter free.
  • Try to avoid spaces where ceiling fans, doors, photos/artwork, or furniture are visible.
  • Gray, Creme or other lighter colored backgrounds seem to work best. Try not to use backgrounds that are very similar to your hair and skin color to avoid blending in.
  • Also, please try not to use a stark white background as this may blend into TaskHuman’s home screen.

What is required for lighting: While light rings are certainly a plus, they are not necessary. A space where you are directly facing a nearby window (the window should be behind the phone), out of direct sunlight will be great.

What time of day is best: Mid-morning or afternoon will be best depending on which direction your natural light is coming from. For example, if the sun is directly shining in your windows in the morning, it will be best to wait until afternoon to take these photos to avoid harsh shadows and highlights on the face.

What to Wear vs Not Wear: When choosing clothing for your TaskHuman headshot a good rule of thumb to follow is to dress for the industry you’re in while also keeping the following tips in mind:

  • We recommend color choices that are contrasting from your background.
  • We recommend a top that is free from any patterns, logos, and wrinkles.
  • Try to avoid pastels and skin-toned colors as these tend to blend into you in photos.
  • Excessive jewelry, hats, scarves, sunglasses, or headphones (including wireless ones) should not be worn, as they can be very distracting.
  • We recommend wearing your clear prescription glasses if you normally wear them as part of your daily life, since it’s most likely what a consumer would see you wearing when you are on a call with them.
  • Hairstyles and facial hair should be neat and professional, and not obstructing the face.
  • Makeup choices are usually best when they remain more neutral by choosing lipsticks and eyeshadows that are 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone. This will help to highlight features while remaining subtle to the camera.

Here are some examples of great photos for reference:

headshot-guide-male-headshot-at-office headshot-guide-male-headshot headshot-guide-female-headshot

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