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Updated: October 23rd, 2023

TaskHuman Community Mission, Values, and Guidelines

Community Guidelines for TaskHuman Coaches

We want to extend a warm welcome and say we’re happy you’re here! 



We unite talented professionals who value building authentic relationships and believe in the power of sharing practical knowledge through human experiences.


Our Community Is:

  • a home where individuals from diverse backgrounds, can gather and exchange knowledge and experience
  • a place where every interaction is energizing and nourishing, leading to relationships of depth and curiosity
  • a forum where challenging topics can be discussed with mutual respect and civility

Community Guidelines

You’ll have many opportunities to unite with other coaches, and we ask that you uphold these guidelines to make our community a positive, forward-thinking, and supportive place that reflects the diversity, intention, and values of our community.


Be Respectful

Communicate with courtesy, respect information shared in confidence, and remember we’re all human


Hate Is Not Tolerated

Do not harass, bully, use defamatory remarks or say anything intentionally hurtful to someone


Be Your Authentic Self

Help foster and build meaningful connections by bringing you


Do Not Engage In Inappropriate Behavior

We prohibit any activities that could be harmful—from physical to scams


As a coach on the TaskHuman platform, you play a crucial role in our coaching community. Please be aware that these guidelines are part of our agreement with all TaskHuman coaches, and corrective actions will be taken if any of these are violated. Sometimes that means giving someone a warning; other times it can be grounds for account suspension or termination. We request that all community members report behavior that violates our guidelines to


We sincerely thank you for helping us keep TaskHuman a vibrant, supportive, and inclusive place to be!


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Terms & Conditions

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Inspire on,

The TaskHuman Community Team


We reserve the right to modify these Community Guidelines, or any portion thereof, at any time without giving you prior notice. If we make any changes to these guidelines, we will post them on the TaskHuman Platform or otherwise share them with you.

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