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June 29, 2020

Wellness Coaches for Every Area of Self-Care


Are you ready to start your TaskHuman journey by working 1:1 with LIVE wellness coaches? We thought so!

Each TaskHuman coach is highly vetted by the TaskHuman team, a pro in their wellness-related field, and most importantly, ready to provide 1:1 live support to their diverse client base—including you! Our coaches specialize in all areas of self-care, from meditation to at-home workouts, to parenting and nearly a thousand more topics.

To help you get a taste of the types of coaches featured on the TaskHuman app, we’ve listed some of the many specialists that are available to provide LIVE support on these popular self-care topics.

Without further ado, let’s meet some of our coaches!

Coach Stephanie Meriaux: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is just that: being mindful of the present without judgement.

Coach Stephanie Meriaux’s background established her foundation of being able to be in the moment and not worry about the future. She is an Ironman triathlete and has biked across the United States. As such, she is no stranger to hard work. She is committed to giving her clients her best, so they can achieve greater happiness and the ability to have more fulfilling relationships.

If you’re focused on the present, then you don’t have space to worry or stress, which in turn, increases your feeling of happiness. It also helps you find clarity around, or get to the root thoughts and feelings about, your “problems.”

Listen as Coach Stephanie Meriaux explains:

Coach Zachary Cooper: Mindset

Coach Zachary Cooper has experience in mindset mastery. He understands how to focus on habits to improve results. With a background in conditioning, mixed martial arts, and weight loss, his mental toughness instruction is always a component of his interactions with clients.

Coach Zachary wants you to be your best self. He pushes you to create difficult but attainable goals and works with you to go after them, step-by-step.

Listen as Coach v outlines his mindset mastery techniques:

Coach Jamie Carroll: Anxiety Management

Sometimes negative thoughts and worries can be overwhelming, almost paralyzing you with anxiety. Thinking through the causes of the anxiety is important, but sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint what those thoughts and causes are.

Coach Jamie Carroll understands the nature of anxiety, and she works with clients to “educate, inspire, and empower” them to drive their own lives. Her philosophy is based on functional and integrative approaches, so she works with you to get to the “root” of your concerns.

But as she says, “As your coach, I’m not here to diagnose you or fix you. You are not broken.” Coach Jamie wants to help you gain the insight and skills to move your health in a positive direction.

Listen as Coach Jamie Carroll describe her approach:

Coach Lionel King: At-Home Workouts

Given the current health-crisis, home-based workouts are more popular than ever. If you’re looking to improve your results or target a specific goal, our home-based workout coaches can help you—without needing to leave the house.

Coach Lionel King brings a strong positive mindset to all of his client interactions. He believes in the power of forming a strong partnership to “break down the barriers between you and your goals.” Coach Lionel creates individualized workouts in multiple styles to match his clients’ needs, goals, and personalities.

Listen as Coach Lionel King describes his style:

Coach Clarissa Pyles: Pilates

Maybe you want a low-impact workout and a coach who is flexible enough to understand your different day-to-day needs.

If that’s the case, Pilates with Coach Clarissa Pyles might be for you. Clarissa brings passion and awareness to each of her personalized Pilates sessions. She knows making lasting changes isn’t easy, but for her, it is the challenge that develops the character and creates the most growth. As Coach Clarissa says, “If two roads diverged in a yellow wood, which path would you choose?”

Hear Coach Clarissa Pyles explain her coaching style:

Coach Laurie Angress: Yoga

Sometimes you may want to work more to connect the mind and the body. For centuries, practitioners have used yoga to help with just that.

As a practitioner of yoga, Coach Laurie Angress believes yoga can bring personal and community peace and healing.

Laurie feels listening and observing are essential tools to help her students attain higher senses of mindfulness and self-awareness. In fact, Laurie adheres to the philosophy that awareness of our racing thoughts is the first step to calming them.

Ultimately, this wife, mother, and yoga teacher wants you to find “physical, emotional, and mental balance.”

By connecting the breath, body, and mind, you develop a deeper connection to yourself and the world.

Coach Laurie Angress explains how she approaches teaching yoga:

Coach Ahmad Grigsby: Time Management

The phrase, “not enough time” is all too common. But we all have the same amount of time in the day, so why does it seem like some people get so much done, while others struggle?

Coach Ahmad Grigsby is a pro at time management. As a coach, he pushes his clients to find their true “why,” while making sure the experience is positive and fun. He believes the right support is critical to being successful in your wellness journey. As Coach Ahmad says, he “aspire(s) to inspire you.”

Knowing how best to use your time and develop the ability to stay focused is a skill, not a talent, and TaskHuman coaches can help you develop yours.

Listen as Coach Ahmad Grigsby describes his teaching technique:

Coach Miriam Campos Root: Clean Eating

Between fad diets, food trends, and mystery additives in food,  it can be hard to know what is best for you.

Coach Miriam Campos Root is a clean eating pro. She believes it is finding your priorities and being able to balance them that helps her clients be successful. When she began her own healthy-eating journey and changed her diet, she felt her energy soar. And after over 2000 hours of training, she wants to share her knowledge with you, so you can find the same abundance too.

As Coach Miriam says, she wants to help you “be in charge of your own destiny!”

A clean eating coach can help remove obstacles and make your path to better health clear.

Listen as Coach Miriam Campos Root describes her client interactions:

Coach Ronee Welch: Sleep

The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep per night, but only gets 7 or fewer hours. The sleep deficit might not be noticeable at first, but continued sleep deprivation takes a toll on your body and your health.

Coach Ronee Welch loves sleep, and fully understands the impact it has on your overall well-being. She holds several credible sleep-related certifications, including being a Certified Integrative Adult Sleep Coach and CBT-Insomnia technician.

Coach Ronee takes a holistic approach to sleep improvements, and looks at the bigger picture of what could be impacting sleep patterns, including clean eating, exercise and more. Not only is she determined to help her adult clients achieve optimal sleep, but is highly experienced working with children on their sleep patterns as well.

For Coach Ronee, sleep is fundamental to feeling your best and is passionate about applying her professional and personal experiences to help you reach your goals.

Listen as Coach Ronee Welch explains:

Coach Sedae Slaughter: Parenting Advice

The parent-child relationship is one where people can swing from feeling one extreme to another in a snap. You want to do right by your kids, yet managing your relationship with your children can feel challenging at times (to say the least!).

And by the time you figure out how to deal with them in a particular stage, they’ve moved on to the next.

Coach Sedae Slaughter thinks it is habits that form most of what we do – both positive and negative. To change your approach to parenting, and beyond, toward more positive outcomes, you need to change your habits. For Coach Sedae, it is “proper definition and work” that lets her clients change their habits and their lives.

Using a coach to partner with you, and target your parenting techniques and skills, is a good way to practice responding, not reacting.

Listen as Coach Sedae Slaughter explains her approach:

To live your best life – to become the best version of yourself, you might need to incorporate some changes. And while change is hard, TaskHuman coaches are equipped to help you make behavior change easier. They can provide the 1:1 LIVE support you need to turn small changes into the lasting improvements that you strive for.

And with the diverse catalog of topics TaskHuman coaches cover, there is a coach that can assist you in every area of your life—at the time and place that works best for you.

If you’re ready to start your TaskHuman journey to improving your personal and professional well-being, schedule a call with a LIVE specialist today.


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