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November 19, 2021 6 Min Read

Teaching Fitness Classes For 100 People Taught Arnes Kevric How To Be a Better 1:1 Coach

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After finishing his fitness coach training, TaskHuman Coach Arnes Kevric’s first long-term job was as a fitness instructor for a cruise line. It was there where he learned what hard work meant and how to integrate the fitness philosophies of people from all over the world to best serve his clients. Arnes talked about his vocation and experiences with fellow coach Jamie Carroll in a recent episode of the podcast, TaskHuman Talks.

From a young age, Arnes knew he wanted to be a health and fitness coach. He wanted to help others learn how to develop healthy habits that would enable them to live a long life and inspire them to be their best selves. He felt the best place to start this mission was on a cruise line.

Arnes learned of cruise line fitness instruction from someone who was leaving the industry, and was told the job would be  incredibly mentally and physically demanding. But that didn’t deter him—he still felt like it was his calling.

The opportunity to learn pulled Arnes to the job. He knew he would encounter various people who needed different approaches to health and fitness. 

“If you want to help everybody, then you need to learn,” he says.

And learn is exactly what he did. Between teaching fitness classes for 100 people at a time to delivering posture and nutrition lectures, Arnes soaked up how people responded to information and instruction—along with the majestic views of the vistas and cities he saw from the ships.

Arnes fully credits his time aboard ships with his mental toughness and ability to connect with people.

He’s taken his experience teaching crowds and laser-focused his approach to 1:1 coaching sessions through TaskHuman—and he couldn’t be happier. 

Here’s what Coach Arnes Kevric believes coaching through the TaskHuman app is a wonderful experience for consumers because they can:

  • Learn body weight exercises work
  • Are hyper-focused on learning and executing the movements
  • Better use their most important muscle—their brains
  • Learn there are no “quick-fixes”
  • Get better results because they hear his voice even after the workouts

“Comfort is the enemy of any achievement,” Arnes says.

Creating a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine takes time, and Arnes’ dedication to a lifelong change—and passion for supporting those he works with every step of the way is how he’s able to make impacts on his clients. Most of the folks Arnes has worked with become long-term because his expertise helps them make the changes they want to their lives.

And while it isn’t always easy, you can be certain that Arnes will support you every step of the way

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