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September 14, 2021

Saemone Griffin Learns About Herself Through Crystals


In a recent episode of the podcast TaskHuman Talks, host and TaskHuman Coach Jamie Carroll sat down with Coach Saemone Griffin to talk about all things crystals. The talk ranged from how to choose a crystal to rituals with the crystals.

If you’ve wondered about what crystals are, how they work, and how you can begin using them in your own wellness journey, keep reading.

1. More than “Just Rocks”

Crystals are more than just rocks. Like rocks, they come from the earth, but they are structured differently. The atoms of crystals have intricate and repeating lattice structures. It is those patterns and their connection to the earth that gives them their power.

“Because crystals are part of the earth, they carry the vibrations of the earth,” Saemone says.

Those vibrations resonate with our own vibrations, and we feel connected to the power of the crystals. Each crystal has unique properties and can help us with specific issues. When we use a particular crystal, our vibrations align with the crystal’s vibrations and we connect to that power.

There are raw crystals and there are polished crystals. Raw crystals are in their natural state, and their power is strong. Polished crystals are cleaned and smoothed, and their power is dampened, but not eliminated. If you’re using a polished crystal, it will still work.

“Because that’s what you bought it for, that’s what it will help you with,” she says.

Being with any kind of crystal solidifies your thinking. As Saemone says, it is a “physical form of intention.”

2. Let the Crystal Choose You

It’s fine to research the crystals before you buy one, but Saemone is a big believer in letting the crystal choose you. And it is easier to do that in a physical store.

“I believe the best way to find a crystal is to go into a shop and walk around,” she says.

Typically a crystal will stand out to you. For whatever reason, you keep noticing it. You keep coming back to it. Saemone encourages you to pick it up and hold it to see how it makes you feel. That’s all it takes to know this is the crystal you need to use.

The crystal could make you feel curious, excited, emotional, or any other feeling. What matters is that you feel something when you hold it, or when you’re near it. Even if you aren’t sure what you specifically feel, but you keep looking at the crystal or find yourself going back to it—that’s still something.

If you don’t feel anything, then it might not be the crystal you need right now—and that’s okay too.

Moreover, you’re probably not the first person who’s handled that crystal. Its energy could be muddied by other people touching it and thus resulting in the crystal absorbing their intentions or feelings, so if you choose to purchase it, you should clean it before you use it.

To clean your crystal(s), you can smudge them with a sage stick, put them in rice for several hours, or bathe them in salt water. Be careful though—some crystals dissolve in water, so make sure yours can be submerged before using that option.

You can also recharge your crystals under a full moon.

“You want to let that energy go,” Saemone says. “Keep it clear. And then bring your own in.”

Making sure you clean out any negative energy or associations from the crystal before using it will help it help you.

3. Meditate with It

If you’re just starting out with crystals, an easy way to incorporate them into your wellness practice is to meditate with them.

Use them to help you visualize what your goals are and what you need. The crystals can help you open up to yourself and understand what you’re thinking and feeling more clearly.

“Even having it in your presence works,” Saemone says.

You can also keep smaller crystals with you: in your pocket or bag, so you can get their benefits throughout the day. Another way to incorporate crystals into your daily life? Jewelry! There are plenty of types of jewelry made with crystals that may fit your style and needs better.

As you begin to use your crystals more regularly, you’ll need to clear them from your own emotions. Clean the crystals the same way from your own use, just as you would cleanse them after you first bought them.

Saemone recommends you clean them at least once a month, but if you use them heavily, once a week is even better.

If you’re still feeling skeptical, that’s ok. But for Saemone, being open to the crystal is a big part of why they work.

The best thing to do if you’re feeling skeptical about working with crystals, is to first try choosing one in person. Once you have chosen your crystal, do some research to learn more about its properties and associations to help you find a greater connection. Then, when you meditate, hold your crystal while making sure to keep those associations in mind.

For example, if you choose a crystal and then learn it is associated with clarity and goals, meditate on your goals while holding the crystal. Soon, you’ll associate your goals with the crystal and can use it as a focus point. This practice can help you open yourself to more fully accepting the power of crystals. Remember to be patient with yourself, and as open to the process—and the crystal—as you can.

“It’s about the feeling,” she says. “Once you’re open, you’ll see how different they are.”

4. Getting Deeper

There are a few areas of deeper crystal understanding Saemone shared.

Working with crystals pairs well with understanding your chakras. Just a refresher, chakras are energy areas of the body based on the nerve bundles they are near. The places we are stuck in our lives correspond to a blocked chakra. For example, when you are feeling unable to speak your truth, your throat chakra is blocked. Chakras also each have a designated color.

This is where bringing in crystals is fairly simple.

It turns out, the color of the crystal tends to correspond with the color of the chakra. So, since the throat chakra is blue, using blue crystals will help you unblock your throat chakra.

Saemone credits the chakra-crystal partnership to her passion for crystals.

“It’s how I got into crystals,” she explains.

Keeping track of what crystals you have and what their strengths are can become complicated as your collection grows.

To help, Saemone recommends the book The Crystal Bible. It gives descriptions and usages for almost all crystals, so it’s a handy reference.

You can also keep a journal as your personal reference. If you do, also track how the crystals make you feel, so you’ll know which to use for each of your needs.

Finally, you can do more than meditate with your crystals.

Saemone likes to take a self-care bath at least once a week, and she incorporates her crystals into the ritual.

She puts the crystals on the side of the tub and soaks in herbs and essential oils.

“It’s not a bubble bath,” she says. “It’s a ritual to bathe in the power of the crystals.”

Saemone’s most important guideline for using crystals is to use them how you feel you need them.

“Be free,” Saemone says. “Let the crystals guide you. Everything you need is inside you.”

Want to see the full podcast? Check it out here!


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