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April 22, 2021

Rob Gets His Groove Back with TaskHuman


When the pandemic closed gyms across the nation, TaskHuman user, Rob, quickly missed his regular Bikram yoga sessions. It was the workout and the routine that he wanted back.

When his company, Advantage Performance Group (APG), decided to give their employees unlimited access to 1:1 video sessions with LIVE coaches through TaskHuman, Rob knew he had to give the app a try. And he was sure glad he did…

1. The Routine

TaskHuman gave Rob his workout routine back. After several weeks of feeling stuck and stagnant, Rob is now feeling “healthy, balanced, and calm.”

When the pandemic started, Rob tried to create his own at-home routine. It was working, but not the way he wanted it to.

“I was doing exercise as much as possible,” he says, “but it wasn’t at all the consistency and the quality of what I’ve experienced here.”

Not only is Rob loving the 1:1 guidance he receives from live TaskHuman coaches, but he also appreciates the ability to schedule sessions ahead of time. Because he can book TaskHuman sessions in advance, and on his time, Rob knows he’s going to have what he needs to feel his best each day.

2. The Inspiration

Once APG introduced TaskHuman to employees, Rob needed very little convincing to try the app. He was ready to receive 1:1 support for his wellness goals, and he dove right in.

What he found on TaskHuman was a diverse network of wellness coaches, who are knowledgeable and approachable in hundreds of self-care topics.

“What inspired me to get started was: I was keen. I was eager. I needed this. I wanted this,” Rob says.

3. The Experience

As someone who has participated in group classes for years, Rob was skeptical about 1 -on- 1 instruction. He didn’t think it would have the same impact on him as the energy he got from being in a group.

TaskHuman changed his mind.

“The energy has been amazing,” he says.

What makes the app so valuable to Rob is the personalization. For example, his coach recognizes when he needs to ease into a workout versus when he is feeling high-energy and ready to be pushed more. This personalization has become invaluable to Rob.

4. The Goals

Rob’s goal was simple, but not easy.

Building a relationship with his coach, Anita Steele, has been foundational for his success. She knows him well enough to know when she needs to alter the plan to help him through a particular obstacle, no matter if it’s poor sleep or an overly-tight muscle.

“There’s just this relatedness that makes it all the worthwhile,” Rob explains.

He wanted to establish a consistent routine of working out first thing in the morning most mornings. He sets his schedule with Anita and immediately has the motivation and accountability to show up.

“I average 6 days a week for an hour,” he says.

What he loves about building that consistency is it puts him in his desired mindset for the day. He feels prepared for whatever he needs to do that day—both for work, and life.

5. The Schedule

Once Rob discovered Anita and used the app a few times, he found using the app regularly was easy. Because Rob understood that his company is committed to helping their employees find work-life balance by offering TaskHuman, he wanted to put the benefit to good use.

Now Rob uses the app 6 to 7 days a week, and sometimes twice a day.

“I’m a frequent ‘Power User’ and proud of it,” he says.

The benefit of having coaches at your fingertips for every part of your wellness journey simplifies working toward your wellness goals.

6. The App

Rob is a rave-reviewer of the TaskHuman app. He thinks it is simple and easy to use. He loves that everything you need from TaskHuman is right in the app. You can find wellness topics, research and message with coaches, and have the live wellness sessions all within the same space.

“I get pretty frequent information about coaches and newly-added wellbeing features,” Rob says. “And it’s just kinda slick. And yet, user-friendly.”

The important information is in easy-to-digest amounts. You’re not overwhelmed, but you’re in the know.

7. The First Call

Rob understands how intimidating it may be to make the first call to a TaskHuman wellness coach, but he reminds us that the coaches have your best interest at heart. They want you to be successful, and feel comfortable while focusing on your wellness goals.

He also points out that the first calls are just “getting to know you” sessions. There’s not a lot of risk.

“Check out a bunch of coaches,” he says. “You’ll find your match.”

His final piece of advice is to remember that the coaches understand that you may feel hesitant on your first call. They are there to help you. Your wellness is important to them and they want you to feel comfortable. They also know what questions you may have forgotten to ask, and will work with you to give you all the information you need to decide if they are the right fit for you. If they are, you’re ready to book your next session with them! If not, no biggie, it’s time to explore what the other hundreds of TaskHuman coaches have to offer!

To listen to Rob’s full story, click here

If you’re ready to start a consistent, personalized wellness journey with a qualified coach, reach out to one of the TaskHuman coaches for a 1:1 LIVE video call today.

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